– by Seth McDonald

The third Thor film brought with it a new attitude and a much different, and much more kickass version of Thor than fans had seen in the previous two films. It was far more humourous, and just plain out fun. Not knowing if Thor will survive Endgame, and hearing rumors that no more solo Thor films were in the works it seemed like Chris Hemsworth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would soon be over.

Now, that may very will still be true, but I do have a grain of salt for you folks. Actress Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in the MCU says that she’s heard word of a pitch for a fourth Thor film. Thompson recently spoke with the L.A. Times, you can check out what she had to say below.

“I heard that a pitch has happened for [another Thor film]. I don’t know how real that intel is, but I hear that the pitch has happened. I think the idea is Taika [Waititi, who directed Ragnarok] would come back.”

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While I was never a huge fan of the first two Thor films, Ragnarok is one of my favorite MCU films, and I would love to see another if Taika Waititi returns for it. We will of course have to wait on confirmation but being that it’s Tessa Thompson as the source of this information, there may be some truth in it, and it does give me a little more hope than these types of rumors usually do there may be some truth in it.

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Source: LA Times (via comicbookmovie.com)