The Bad Batch Creators Answer Crosshair Question And Avoid Palpatine Cloning Theory

The Bad Batch Creators Answer Crosshair Question And Avoid Palpatine Cloning Theory

The Bad Batch creators break down various questions from Season 1. The Crosshair question and Palpatine Cloning theory are all covered here, so let’s get to it. First off, was Crosshair’s inhibitor chip removed like he said, or was the Empire lying to him? Exec producer/directing supervisor Brad Rau, and exec producer/ head writer Jennifer Corbett, The Bad Batch creators, answered when they spoke to recently.

Short answer, the chip has indeed been removed. Definitively answering the Crosshair question.

Jennifer Corbett: I think we can say that he had his chip removed. 

Brad Rau: Yeah. Have you seen the side of that guy’s head? [Laughs]

Jennifer Corbett: The eagle-eyed fan will rewatch the season and notice a shift in his character, and when that is. They’ll probably have seen it all along. I think it probably stems from people who are fans of the character not wanting it to be a genuine turn. Which is understandable.

Jennifer Corbett: That goes to your earlier question because he’s technically the villain of the season in some people’s minds. You can get over that by saying, “Yeah, but he’s controlled by the chip!” So we wanted to twist it and really show that there are clones out there who, the effects of the chip are wearing off, and are still staying with the Empire. And there are other clones like Captain Howzer who are not. Crosshair is one of the ones who had his chip taken out and he’s still all in with the Imperial way of thinking.

Brad Rau: It is something we talk about a lot. It is a storyline that we’re not done with telling.

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The pair were slightly more coy when the interviewer asked them about the ending of the season. We see Nala Se led into what appears to be a giant Imperial facility and the scientist who approaches her is wearing a familiar outfit. If you’ve seen The Mandalorian you’ll recognize the same kind of uniform that Pershing wears in Season 1. This has of course led fans to speculate that Palpatine’s cloning plan begins here, in The Bad Batch. Presumably then, these events will lead into what we saw in The Mandalorian. That would confirm that the tests on Grogu were in order to help Palpatine return from the dead, ultimately leading to Rey. That’s a lot to pack in, but whether they were coy or not, I think the fans already can see where this is going. Nala Se, at the end of the finale, arrives at an Imperial lab that I think seems to tie into the Emperor’s contingency plan of creating clones for himself to cheat death. Can you tell me if I’m right?

Jennifer Corbett: Well, Dan, that’s a fascinating theory! [Laughs] What we’ll say is, where Nala Se is, what Nala Se is doing, should be a mystery to the audience, and we hope to explore that in the upcoming season.

Brad Rau: I cannot add to that. [All laugh.] Fair enough. That’s more than I thought I would get. 

Brad Rau: Nice try, Dan. [Laughs] 

I’d pretty much call this, ‘yeah, you got us, but WTH? We are not allowed to answer that question, you scamp.’ I think it’s more than obvious that the current streaming side of Star Wars is going to do a better job of explaining why Palpatine returned and his connection to Snoke. Perhaps it will allow for our head canon to get around those awful movies? What do you think of The Bad Batch creators answers on the Crosshair question and the Palpatine cloning theory? Sound off below.

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