– by Brian Jasper

It was a great weekend for many of Netflix’s customers as Stranger Things 2 came out on Friday. With many people binging the series over the course of three days (or much, much less), people turned to the tempestuous social media platform that is Twitter to share their reactions. I plumbed through them to find the best ones so you don’t have to.


Reactions Were Overwhelmingly Positive

But why only nine, Netflix??




And now we want MOHR!



The Humor. Oh God, the Humor!

This Twitter user was a little disturbed by at least one joke on the show.




Lucas’s sister certainly brought the house down.


The Show’s Great Moments

Of course the greatest moments in the show caused people to jump to Twitter.





This man was brought to tears and had to show it.


Haters Gonna Hate

Not everyone was happy with all elements of the show, though. Some characters didn’t resonate with everyone.



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