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Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope this year will be better for all of us and that better times are ahead for all.  This will be my monthly column review on comic that are worth checking out.  The first thing I would like to cover is the issue with DC and Previews.  Now for most people who use Previews to get pull list it has been a bit of a nightmare when it comes to DC titles since they are not right now in the Previews book anymore.  But if you have a pull account with a comic shop you can still find the DC titles that way or talk to your local comic shop to get DC titles that are coming out next month.  DC has launched a new run called Future State, which covers most of the main titles in the DC universe. Titles include Next Batman, Dark Detective, Superman/Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, and Robin Eternal.  They will be starting out with limit series run and then go to the next phase they have planned.   We will be getting a new Batman, Wonder Woman, and other new characters not sure if I will like it but will see what they are planning for the future of DC.  To be honest and upfront with the Future State series they seemed very rushed in the story telling and with the art inside.  Please do not try to figure how they connect off the bat, they will explain in the next set of series.  But it is still exciting to see where the writers are going with the characters in DC, because they have ended other long running titles to get this off the ground.  Titles like Batman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Superman, and Action Comics have all ended their long run.  But I have a strong feeling that they will return to those title and numbering sequence, because they tried rebooting all those titles so many times before.

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From Image Comics the new book that is the dark side and the strange side is, Ha Ha by Maxwell Prince.  From what I understand they will be one shot stories in every issue based on dark humor and twits, Maxwell Prince has also created Image’s Ice Cream Man.  The first book was very good and not to spoil it for anyone but it’s about a clown who keeps looking at the good things in his life no matter how terrible it keeps going for him. The first issue was great and I hope the next ones coming are as good or better and the art work is great done by Vanesa Del Rey.  From Abstract Studios comes, Serial by one of my favorite writer and artist Terry Moore.  It is about a girl named Zoe who has be stuck at being 10 years old for 50 years.  If you have read any of the other books done by Terry Moore you will find that a lot of the times they are connected.  Zoe is from the other titles from Terry Moore called Racheal Rising, and Five Years.  But they story is very easy to following without going back to those titles unless you want a deeper look into her back story.  Zoe has been fighting the demon inside her that has force her to be a serial killer and keeping her so young in the process.  Now she is free from that demon and finds out that her childhood friend from years ago has been murdered, that is connected to a series of murders.  She is upset and now will uses her skills of being a serial killer to hunt them down.  A fun read and if you enjoy the story telling of Terry Moore this is another great book to add to that list.

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Marvel has a new epic event going on called King in Black, which focuses on Knull a creature who has been around for about 13 billion years.  He has existed before the universe was created and took down a Celestial from a group of Celestials that created light and the universe, taking away Knull’s dark void world.  He then created a sword from living darkness called All-Black and the symbiotes.  The main story mini-series is called King in Black, but being Marvel they have other mini-series that cover the story line to include normal runs like The Amazing Spider-Man, and Avengers, along with most other Marvel titles.  Great read highly recommend if you enjoy Venom stories and with it mast destruction. My favorite in the series so far is, Gwenom vs Carnage because of the art and fighting created in this series. There is also a new person wearing the red in the Daredevil series to cover for Matt since he is in jail.  No spoilers on this but at this point most readers know it is Elektra who is Daredevil with a new version of the suit.  It is a blast and a great read to see her as Daredevil because she is an assassin who kills.  The first appearance of the new Daredevil is in issue #25 and yes the price for this book is going up fast, so grab one while you can.  There was such a high demand on the book that they did a 2nd printing of the book with a great cover.

From Valiant there is the title Bloodshot, the character has been with us since 1993 and the flag ship comic for Valiant for many years.  The newest issue out is #10 but it is still with in price range to get back issues to get caught up in this new retelling of the character.  One of my other favorite writers and artist, Tim Seeley is writing the story line for this right now.  Seeley has also introduced us to his creation of Hack/Slash, and also co-created Image Comics series Revival.  Again if you are a fan of Bloodshot this is just them retelling the origin and new story for Bloodshot.  I believe it is also a way to welcome new readers to the character and book.  A fun book and have been enjoy the path they are going with Bloodshot.

These are my picks of books to check out this month and hope you will stop by again next month for other picks.  I do understand there are other great titles out there but I just try my best to pick the ones that are hot at the time because of the story line, new title, or new character.  But no matter what please read what you like and help keep the world of comics alive and strong!  I just found out that Ha Ha from Image is not sold out in most shops now so hopefully you got a copy, but if not they might do a second print because demand seems to be very high for this book!!


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