– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“Flash Needs To Take A Long Look In The Mirror”

Apologies for not having this up sooner but I was didn’t get a chance to watch this episode until last night. 

The return of Leonard Snart and the creation of Mirror Master. Tuesday nights episode of The Flash was just as predictable as a majority of the episodes we have already seen from the previous two seasons.  The opening scene is a short origin of the latest villain affected by the particle accelerator.  Then there is ten to fifteen minute story line involving something with Barry and Iris.  This week it was about Barry’s awkwardness around Joe when kissing Iris.  This made absolutely no sense to me at all since Joe has known for quite some time that Barry love’s Iris.  Right before the halfway mark of the show the Barry confronts the villain for the first time and the villain is hell bent on getting back at someone prior to the particle acceleration explosion.  This week is was the introduction of Mirror Master and his revenge on Leonard Snart for screwing him over out of a deal gone wrong.  Then we get about ten minutes of Barry either being defeated by the villain or handicapped some way that the team has to figure out a way to get him out.  We are then left with five minutes of Barry and the team figuring out a way to defeat the villain and everything goes back to normal.

Here are the three things to take away from Tuesday nights episode.

1.       Barry has now become the master teaching Jessie Quick how to become a hero.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were watching Barry running into battles without plans or a strategy.  It took a couple of arrows to Barry’s back to understand that his powers alone won’t be able to take down.  Now that Barry has a protégé with Jessie we can see all of the training and work has paid off as he becomes a little more like Oliver giving commands to follow his lead.  Where Barry and Oliver differ is how well they are able to forgive for the mistakes of their pupils.  Jessie still being raw with her powers tried to confront Mirror Master and Top with Barry only to be a handicap in the fight.  What surprised me the most out of all this was how quickly Barry and the team forgot it was Jessie’s fault for Barry being in the mirror.  There was no lesson to be learned or repercussions on Jessie for acting so green in the field.  You would’ve have thought since Barry witnessed Wally dying because of his recklessness he would’ve been more upset this week about Jessie’s mistakes.  Something that Arrow continues to make a point of is being a hero and fighting bad guys could end up getting yourself or someone else killed.  In order for Barry to truly grow into position of being a mentor to Jessie or future speedsters he will have to be more demanding of perfection.

2.       The inclusion of Earth 2 Harrison Wells and Jessie continues to help the team grow in more ways but this week was especially amazing.  Watching the different versions of Harrison Wells on other worlds audition to join the team showed how great of an actor Tom Cavanagh really is.  While I have come to love Earth 2 Harrison Wells a lot it will be interesting to see this new version of Harrison and how Tom transforms the character.  While I am not convinced that the new Harrison Wells is here with good intentions it would be nice to see a villainous Harrison Wells again.  For the show this will make three different Harrison Wells in three seasons.  Out of all the Harrison Wells we have come to love over time I will miss Earth 2 Harrison carrying his arsenal of weapons around.

3.       The meta-human flavor of the week belongs to Mirror Master and Top.  One of the lesser known villains in the Flash’s Rogues Gallery Mirror Master didn’t leave behind anything to remember him by.  Something that has plagued this show since its first episode is how easily the meta-humans are written off after one episode.  Through two seasons and four episodes we have seen at least 12 meta-humans that make a one episode appearance and never come back.  This is a constant weakness of the show and eventually the showrunners and writers will run out of original Flash villains.  This is something that when Arrow first started the showrunners understood since there weren’t many original Green Arrow villains that they have had to borrow from Batman’s universe. If you notice on Arrow the first two seasons were its strongest because the villains in those seasons were original villains or already established in the Green Arrow universe.  If the show continues down this path then we will see the show continue to decline from season to season.

Overall this was a filler episode, nothing in The Flash universe changed at all.  Even with a brief cameo appearance of a holographic Leonard Snart there was nothing that could’ve saved this episode.  Although Jessie has her powers and new suit the writers and showrunners made the same mistake as Arrow did with Laurel Lance becoming Black Canary, too quick and too soon.  This season continues to disappoint with each episode which I hope turns around soon.  One quick note that I will see if anyone else notices is that so far the episodes that Alchemy is in Julian is in as well. 

Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.