The God Of High School Episode 4 Review And Roundtable Discussion

Hello, everyone! The God of High School Episode 4 is a game-changer. If you are not caught up, I would start now. In this week’s review, we are changing up the format a little bit, as Steve and I are bringing this review to you as more of an actual roundtable discussion. So, let’s get right into it (Spoilers ahead!).

God of High School Episode 4 Discussion

Brendan: God of High School Episode 4 recently premiered. Briefly, what were your overall impressions of the episode?

Steve: The pacing has taken quite a turn! This episode felt like two episodes smashed into one. Mira’s almost marriage and Han’s friend dying (or almost dying) could have been stretched out into two separate episodes. That being said I still enjoyed the episode and appreciate the fast pacing for what was sort of a plot aside from the main story. What did you think of this episode?

Brendan: I agree with your thoughts on pacing. That has troubled the entire series up to this point and seems like it won’t be fixed. I did enjoy the dyadic approach to this episode though. The focus on Mira’s and Han’s backstory leading up to their upcoming battle was a great take to represent both characters.

Speaking of the fight what were your impressions on the duel between Han and Mira?

Steve: Yes definitely, I almost wish the fight would have been longer. But since there was only one episode worth of build-up it makes sense they wrapped it up quickly. I think it was cool to see Han snap and get to see another side to his character. Perhaps this will be a strength and a weakness for him as the show continues.

Brendan: I agree with your opinion. It would have been better to separate the match and the build-up to the event. Unfortunately, it seems like the 13 episode cap has been negatively impacting the series to this point. What your thoughts on the wedding portion of the episode?

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Steve: I thought it was good for setting up that these three characters are becoming good friends. However, I’m confused as to why Oh Seongjin wanted to marry Mira to get to her sword when he ended up just stealing it anyway. With his wealth and influence, I’m surprised he did not just steal it outright. I guess he also may have wanted a wife out of the whole deal. I’m curious to see how her sword contributes to the guys in cloaks. Do you think that may have been a slight plot hole?

Brendan: I agree that it would have been easier just to steal it. However, the marriage was mostly to subdue Mira into servitude to take away her full potential. The balance of the order within series will become an integral part of the series further on in the story. I wouldn’t say this was a plot hole but a hole to where the series is heading.

Steve: Oh I gotcha, thanks for bringing that up. I’m hoping to see our first long match of the show between Jin and Han. Do you think this will be a good one? And on that note, what do you hope to see in the next few episodes?

Brendan: The battle between Jin and Han better be an entire episode. With the entire first season following the tournament, it will be a let down to see one of the best parts of the season not adapted as good as it could be. In the next few episodes, I hope to see consistency developed. While there have been good moments already in the series I don’t believe they were maximized to its potential. For a specific thing, I am looking for a better explanation of the world and the role of the Judges explained.

What would you like to see before the first season concludes?

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Steve: I completely agree, man. I’m definitely looking forward to a solid fight spanning at least an episode. And yes I agree there needs to be some world-building and even situation-building. I’d like to see how big of a deal this tournament is, if it is the very first one or how past tournaments have impacted this world. Also, I would especially like to see a threat developed with the tournament organizers and cloaked people (speculating that they may be one and the same). I think now is a good a time as any to start building up that big fight with Park Mujin or whoever the big baddie may be.

Brendan: Definitely, the series should move forward to give the fans a glimpse of where the series is heading. Do you have any final thoughts on God of High School Episode 4?

Steve: Totally agree. That being said I’m still enjoying it, just hope to see it really find its footing and never look back.

And that’s all we have for you this week. Stay tuned for future reviews and keep up with The God of High School.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of The God of High School? What do you think about the show thus far? Continue the discussion with us in the comments down below!

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