The Lord Of The Rings TV Show – New And Refuted Rumors Surface

Amazon's Lord of the Rings show release date

The Lord of the Rings TV show has seen a few rumors over the past week. First off there was evidence of casting calls for actors comfortable in nude scenes. We covered it in the related section below. The reaction to the news from Tolkien fans was, unenthusiastic. Whilst I agreed that Tolkien was not the place for Game of Thrones styled sex and violence I also warned caution. The casting for this show is very secretive and until we had context then I wasn’t ready to get my pitch fork out. However, if the conclusion was as dramatic as some believed, then I’d have my pitch fork out with the rest of the Tolkien fans.

Now this leads me to a social media post from Gennifer Hutchison yesterday. You normally would have been able to read that tweet below, but we’ll get to that. Just for some information Hutchison is one of the lead writers on Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings show. The tweet also had a comment from showrunner Patrick McKay who simply said, ‘Hi!’. For now I am making an assumption that this may have been what prompted Hutchison to delete her tweet, before posting this instead. Oh, and another key player in the LOTR show, Bryan Cogman had also retweeted Hutchison’s original post before it was deleted.

Here is what Hutchison’s original post said.

‘People really do believe every poorly sourced rumor that randomly gets posted on these here internets, huh.’

Most fans seem to think McKay’s ‘Hi!’ was a prompt reminder that this should be getting discussed on social media. It does certainly look that way. Hutchison’s assurances that this was nothing to do with LOTR seem disingenuous at best.

Assumption Time

I think Hutchison was annoyed by all the reports getting out of hand on nudity in Tolkien, and thought she would say not to believe everything you hear. Amazon, ultimately did not wish to engage the fans on this one so she was asked to remove said tweet and try and pour water on the fires. That would indicate to me that Hutchison was bamboozled by the claims that Amazon were going to go full adult in the LOTR Show. However, you have all the same information I have, so feel free to make up your own mind on this one.

We also have a second rumor to share today, this one comes from The Vulcan Reporter. In my opinion this was not what Hutchison’s post was about, but I could be wrong? The outlet says that Bad Robot, the production company fronted by J.J. Abrams was getting involved with The Lord of The Rings TV show. Now, there are very little details within this report. The outlet don’t say how Bad Robot would be involved. My own thoughts simply went to a dark place. “Well, Abrams managed to destroy the Star Wars franchise, let’s see if he can do it with The Lord of the Rings as well?’ Though, let’s face it, It’s unlikely this would mean any actual involvement from Abrams himself.

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If Abrams did ever get into LOTR, I can only imagine where he would go. I envision a sequel, ‘duh’. Where for some reason Sauron has been replaced by a new Dark Lord, still looking for Rings of Power. Gandalf would be an embittered old Angel who thinks middle-Earth should be left to it’s own devices. Oh and the reason the Rings would be back would actually because Frodo did not really allow the One Ring to be destroyed. Frodo actually switched it to fool Gollum. Instead, Frodo actually took the Ring and destroyed Sauron with it (despite this not being possible). Then, in the final act, Morgoth would come back as he was behind it all from the beginning.

Of course I joke, but I’m sure you get the not so subtle Star Wars references in there. Leave any thoughts about The Lord Of The Rings TV Show in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Gennifer Hutchison (via Twitter), The Vulcan Reporter

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