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The Mandalorian: Dave Filoni Says That A Certain Baby’s Identity Will Remain A Mystery In The Star Wars TV Show

It goes without saying that this article is going to contain SPOILERS for the first two episodes of The Mandalorian, so if you have not caught up yet, perhaps it would be better if you did before you read this article.



I have just watched the first two episodes of The Mandalorian and was probably as surprised as any other fans when ‘Baby Yoda’ showed up. Of course, it’s not actually Yoda, seen as that character was already dead by the time of The Mandalorian. However, it is the same species as Yoda, and since we have no information about where this character came from, fans have taken to calling it Baby Yoda.

I am intrigued, though my one criticism so far may be how strong this child is shown to be with The Force at such a young age and with no training. Though if you are expecting all the answers straight away, you may be disappointed as Dave Filoni, one of The Mandalorian‘s executive producers says the plan for now is to keep those origins a mystery. ET Online caught up with Filoni recently and here is what he said about this character.

“It’s exciting but I think there’s a lot of responsibility around it. I mean one of the reasons that I really got interested in this story that Jon as pitched was the subject of this child, and just knowing George (Lucas) and how important the character of Yoda is to him I wanted to make sure that I could help shepherd this idea. I think we still want to keep a lot of things a mystery, we don’t want to go around answering things and making him less special but let’s tell a story that’s interesting and compelling and add to this great galaxy.”

I’m totally fine with a long form series such as The Mandalorian, which has a Season 2 currently filming, taking the time to reveal mysteries like this, as long as we do get more information by the end. One of the things I have not liked about the Star Wars sequel trilogy is that not much time has been taken to explain the world building aspects of the trilogy thus far. I don’t want us to end up with a situation where there is still no explanation of Baby Yoda by the end of the whole show. Though as said above, I am totally fine with them leaving this until much later.

Such a secret was baby Yoda that no merchandising products were released for this character and that was as deliberate decision taken by the creatives to leave the reveal as a surprise as confirmed by Dave Filoni in the same interview.

“That was a big secret to keep but Jon and I were pretty adamant that it would be the best thing for fans if we could get them to the finish line and they could experience it in the episode.”

The merchandising for Baby Yoda will surely begin to ramp up now the surprise is out there, and showrunner Jon Favreau recently revealed some pretty cute concept art for Baby Yoda on Twitter, check it out. We already covered this yesterday, but it’s so cute, why not show it again?

You just know those Plush Baby Yoda’s are going to be flying off the shelves this Christmas, especially amongst the younger fan base, I may get one, ahem, for my daughter, yes my daughter.

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What do you think of Baby Yoda, what do you think of Filoni’s comments? Share your thoughts below you must, on this, all depends.

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SOURCE: ET Online, Jon Favreau (via Twitter)

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