A Sacred Journey: Director Ernesto Quintero Documents His Own Family Drama After A Member Succumbs to An Illness [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYKDqpheK0c&feature=emb_logo Saying goodbye is hard for a family with an illness. In A Sacred Journey, director and producer Ernesto Quintero documented his own life when his brother is diagnosed with a shattering illness. He had

21 Bridges: Director Brian Kirk on Shutting Down City Blocks and Nighttime Shoots [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaZoSTG10lw There is no escape for cop killers. In Chadwick Boseman’s major film after Avengers: End Game and Black Panther, Boseman plays an NYPD detective in 21 Bridges. The film is about a citywide manhunt

Frozen 2 Headed To $120M Opener

It really does look like Frozen II is headed into the unknown this coming weekend. Yesterday, the film managed to make $8.5 million in its Thursday night preview screenings. Compared to the typical Marvel Studios

No Surprise: Disney Rakes In Over $3 Billion Domestically For The Third Time In History

The Mouse House is once again not only the top studio at the domestic box office, but is about to cross the $3 billion mark. With the release of Frozen 2 this weekend, projections have the film

Pokémon Sword & Shield Are Most Successful Launch In Franchise, In Spite Of Controversy

Pokémon Sword & Shield launched amid some crazy controversy. Fans took umbrage with the fact that not every single Pokémon could be caught or traded into the latest generation of the franchise. In an interview

Harrison Ford To Star In Adaptation Of Netflix’s The Staircase Documentary Series

For the first time in his legendary acting career, Harrison Ford will make his debut as a series-regular star in the upcoming series The Staircase. The project is an adaptation of the 2004 documentary series directed

First Look At Michael B Jordan As Tom Clancy’s John Clark In Without Remorse

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOsC9LsMM3I As one of Tom Clancy's creations enjoys its successful resurrection in mainstream pop culture (thanks to John Krasinski and Amazon Studios), another is about to get his very first solo film adaptation. On Thursday

Star Wars: Rey Being Super Strong Wasn’t An Accident, Says J.J. Abrams

Even among those who have liked Disney’s Star Wars movies over the past couple of years, there are those — myself included — who wonder about Rey’s inherent abilities with the Force. While I wouldn’t

Game Of Thrones – Petition To Remake Season 8 Reaches One Million Signatures

Some more news from Westeros as the petition to remake the much disliked eighth season of Game of Thrones has reached one million signatures. Impressive, most impressive, but it will still do absolutely nothing to

The Mandalorian: The Game-Changing Tech That Enabled The Star Wars Streaming Series

While Star Wars fans have been hungry for a TV series for some time, there is no doubt that one big obstacle to seeing that come about sooner lay in the budget. Unlike Star Trek