The Rings Of Power Leaked Numenorean Details And New Official Images

Showrunner Talks Keeping Tolkien's Beauty In The Rings Of Power

Today we are sharing some new The Rings of Power leaked Numenorean details from FoF. However there are also some new official images released by Amazon which show Celebrimbor and Elrond. I’ll start with the official Images in case anyone wants to see those but avoid any of the Numenorean leaked details.

These were both shared on social media by FoF also, but they are official Amazon images used for marketing.

These may be the best look we have yet at the legendary characters of Elrond and Celebrimbor. Elrond of course is well known from his later years in the main LOTR story. However Celebrimbor will be hugely important to the plot of the show as it was he who forged the Rings of Power, though, he did have some help.

Potential SPOILERS below from this point on folks.

The Rings Of Power Leaked Numenorean Details

According to FoF in their latest video, they have some intriguing details about the Numenorean armed forces. You can watch the full video for all possible context below. But these are the highlights.

The Numenorean armies are split around 50/50 between men and women. This was then clarified that this does not mean female extra’s beings used as male stand-in’s. The actual make up of the warriors is 50/50 on gender. I’m not overly worried by this as long as they show these are highly trained professional soldiers.

After all, despite modern sensibilities it is still supposed be a time where most soldiers were male for very obvious reasons. I.e the job is far more attractive to a man most of the time, and the natural extra weight and strength is advantageous. Numenor can absolute be different to what we might expect, it was a very advanced nation and the men and women were kind of a power level above the rest of Humanity at that time. However the ‘lesser’ houses of men, I don’t think should be as advanced. Especially given how Eowyn was treated by Rohirrim customs in the main story of LOTR.

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On some other details, FoF says that the Numenorean army wear “white fish-scale armor, helmets plumed with white horse tails, swords with horse-head hilts.” Just like one of the swords shown in those initial teaser images of various characters hands and weapons.

Despite being an island based nation, it is said that Numenor also has a cavalry which will come into play in future battles to come. The Numenoreans haven’t been to war in “hundreds of years”. It is said that when they head off to Middle-earth they are excited and all set for glory, heading off to a parade by the people. They do not realize the danger to come and are instead excited to be on with it.

Check out the full video from the FoF people below.

Those are the leaked details folks. We are definitely starting to get a picture of what Season 1 looks like. At least, from certain points of view, namely the Numenorean side. However there are still plots we know far less about and many mysteries remain.

What do you think of the new official images of Celebrimbor and Elrond? What are your thoughts on The Rings of Power leaked Numenorean details shared? As always, drop us a thought burst below, or over on Discord.

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