– by Seth McDonald

Humor has been a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. Sure, the action is what provides the spectacle for the films, but to off set that, a bit of camaraderie is needed. Up to this point Marvel has balanced these two elements pretty well. It seems as if Avengers: Infinity War will continue that tradition. One of the film’s directors, Joe Russo recently spoke about this on The Afternoon Show.

“I think that tone is an under-appreciated aspect of filmmaking. In fact, one of the most critical aspects is managing tone, and this film in particular, when egos like this clash between these superheroes there’s bound to be humor. A lot of the characters in this universe diffuse tension with humor, so we knew the movie was going to be very funny. It’s very different than Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War in that regard because the tone of Cap movies is a little bit more serious. Cap is a little more straight-laced and intense, and the world he was in in both of those movies required he behave that way.”

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Russo continued:

“And in this film, you’ve got a lot of ya know really unique personalities clashing so we knew we were going to lean into the humor. The way that we balance it in the script phase and on set with the actors is we do a lot of improvisation. We have a lot of very funny people on the set, so typically we wait for the first take or two we’ll have them stick to script and then we let them go off script and probably shoot five or six more takes off script, and then you get in the edit room with all that footage and you spend hours and hours combing through it until you find the right combination that balances the tone and gets the humor across but keeps the stakes moving forward.”

Humor is, of course, subjective, but there is sort of a standard that has been set within the MCU. Marvel has made excellent casting choices with their characters and should provide for great chemistry in this crossover event. I also like that Russo said while they stick to the script for the first few takes, the actors are also allowed to improv, and I have always thought some of the best lines in film and TV are the product of improvisation, it makes the lines feel more natural.

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Source: The Afternoon Show (via We Got This Covered)