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The Walking Dead Season 8: From ‘Dead or Alive Or’ To ‘Worth’

Apologies for being behind on my reviews, everyone. Sometimes, “Dad Life” has to take priority. Thanks for sticking with me.

So first, I’ll start off with the main plot points that occurred from “Dead do Alive Or” to “Still Gotta Mean Something”:

  • Gabriel, slowing losing his sight due to his infection, gains hope that he and Dr. Carson are on a divine path leading them home. That hope quickly disappears when Dr. Carson is killed and Gabriel is recaptured by the Saviors.
  • Eugene is assigned to the factory to make bullets and talks of using catapults.
    Tara wants Dwight dead, but when she has a chance to kill him, the two have to hide from investigating Saviors. In order to spare Tara, Dwight jumps out and aligns himself with them once again.
  • Daryl leads the Survivors to Hilltop.
  • Negan has come up with a new idea in his attack on the Survivors: coating their weapons with the blood and entrails of Walkers.
  • During a Savior caravan, Negan is run off the road and has a face-off with Rick inside a basement filled with walkers. Rick puts the blame of the attack on the Scavengers on Negan, to which Negan realizes Simon betrayed him. While Negan is able to escape, he ends up in the hands of Jadis, who has some torturous plans for him.
  • During an attack on Hilltop, Maggie’s people are able to fend them off, but not before some of her people are hit by the infected bullets and weapons, causing them to turn into walkers in the middle of the night.
  • Due to the emergency at Hilltop and Henry’s misguided attempt to exact revenge, half of the Hilltop’s prisoners are able to escape.
  • Rick, internally battling with the wishes Carl has for a peaceful outcome and his own burning rage, finds the escaped Saviors with the help of Morgan. Although briefly captured, the two are freed during a walker attack. While they seems to be helping at first, Rick and Morgan eventually kill every last one of the escaped Saviors.

Alright. With those major points established, I now present to you my recap for last night’s “Worth” episode.

The episode opens with Rick on the upstairs deck, tears running down his face as he reads the letter Carl left for him. The letter is filled with memories from Carl’s childhood and how he wishes for his father to choose peace to pave way for the future. As Rick reads, Michonne decides to open a nightstand drawer and pull out the letter Carl wrote for Negan.

Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary, Negan makes his surprising return by confronting Simon, Dwight and others. Simon admits to his actions toward the Scavengers and asks for forgiveness. Negan does so, and to the group reveals his plan to surround the people at Hilltop. However, when Simon once again tries to create a coup, he realizes it was all set up by Negan and Dwight. At this point, Negan reveals that he was apprehensive about taking Simon in those years ago, revealing to the audience that it was Simon, not Negan, who killed the men and boys of Oceanside. At this point, Negan delivers a fantastic line that has been historically quoted by WWE Legend Ric Flair…

“You wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man.”

This lead to a one-on-one brawl between Negan and Simon in front of all the Saviors. As the fight goes on, Dwight pulls aside Gregory, who was taken earlier in the season, gives him the map of Negan’s plan and tells him to take it to Rick. As Gregory runs, Negan finishes the fight by choking the life out of Simon.

Eugene, heading up the manufacture of ammunition for the Saviors, finds himself in a dire situation when Daryl and Rosita sneak in and capture him. Their plans are to gather all the information Eugene has on the Saviors. Rosita goes so far as to say that that’s all his pathetic little life is worth now. Seeing an opportunity, Eugene finds a way to create a diversion, hide and eventually escape from Daryl and Rosita.

Back at the Sanctuary, Negan has a chat with Dwight as they walk to his room. As Dwight opens the door, seated inside is Laura. Quickly, Dwight is surrounded by Saviors and a smiling Negan. Negan informs Dwight that he was aware of Dwight’s betrayal and happily formed a “fake-ass plan” so that it could be delivered to Hilltop in order to make them walk into a trap. Negan also informs Dwight that he has no plans of killing Dwight just yet.

Eugene returns just in time to receive word that Negan has requested a rapid increase in production for his impending attack. Eugene is fully onboard and demands his people to get to work, referencing the very words Rosita used on him. As Negan watches over his people, seeing “Walker Simon” added to the chain link fence, he receives a call from Michonne on the radio. Michonne reads to him Carl’s letter, in which Carl hopes that there can be peace between him and his father. Negan states it’s too late for that due to Rick’s actions. He then throws his radio on the ground and destroys it.

Next week is the season finale of The Walking Dead, as well as the season four premiere of Fear The Walking Dead, where Morgan makes the switch in shows. Being billed as the “end of the war”, we’ll see where this final battle takes us in this face-off between Rick’s Survivors and Negan’s Saviors.

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