– by Anthony Esteves
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Here we are once again. We’ve reached the mid-season finale. Let’s get to it.

After a quick opener with Rick being rescued by Carole and Jerry, Aaron and Enid are in the car, sharing their feelings about everything that’s occurred. After switching seats and putting Enid in the driver’s seat, they decide to pull off near a distillery; special gifts for when they return. As night approaches, and after spotting someone, Aaron and Enid are captured by members of Oceanside, but not before Enid accidentally kills one of the members; Cyndie’s grandmother.
Back at Alexandria, as Carl explains to Michonne that he’s assisting someone, Negan’s voice is heard over a loud speaker, demanding they surrender. Simultaneously, The Kingdom is raided just as King Ezekiel is able to sneak away. Maggie and the rest of Hilltop are cornered on the road by Saviors, who reveal that they have Jerry hostage. They demand everyone get out and drop their firearms or Jerry is dead.
All this as Rick and Carole race to arrive at their locations.
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


As Negan waits outside of Alexandria, Carl appears at the top of the entrance gate. While he gives a speech that involves sacrificing himself for the others, he’s providing the perfect distraction while Daryl, Michonne, Tara and Rosita load up their trucks and barrel through the little guarded back gate. Lightly guarded, thanks to Dwight. Angered by this setup, the Saviors launch their explosives and light up Alexandria.

Meanwhile, on the road, Simon gives Maggie an ultimatum and kills one of theirs before she agrees to take her people back to Hilltop and continue providing for the Saviors. When they return, Maggie demands one of the Savior prisoners to be brought out. When Dean is presented and decides to make a derogatory statement, Maggie shoots him in the head. She has the body placed in a coffin with a threatening inscription toward the Saviors written on it. Maggie is ready to be as ruthless as possible to stand up to the Saviors.
At The Kingdom, while Gavin informs the people that they will be serving the Saviors and paying for what they’ve done, Ezekiel decides to cause some trouble. Setting off explosions and driving a school bus up to the people, he provides an escape route for his people. Helping them get out and sacrifice himself to the Saviors, Ezekiel is able to see Carol one last moment before locking himself in with them.
Rick finally makes it back to Alexandria and quietly sneaks into his home. As he quietly calls out for Carl and Michonne, Rick is greeted by an attack from Negan. The two slug it out, with Rick at one point getting a hold of Lucile. One crash through a window and Rick is back to looking for Michonne as slightly bloodied Negan is left wondering where he ran off to. Rick eventually finds Michonne and she leads him to where the others are. As they lower into the sewers, Rick is reunited with Daryl, Tara, Rosita and the rest of the Survivors. He’s even introduced to Dwight, who earlier turned on his crew and helped Daryl and the others. Finally, Rick sees Siddiq, and then Carl, sitting on the ground, looking pale. Much to the horror of Rick and Michonne, Carl peels back a bandage on his torso, revealing a heartbreaking injury: a walker bite.
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


What will happen to Alexandria? What is the fate of King Ezekiel? What steps will Hilltop take? Can Dwight be trusted? In freeing Father Gabriel, has Eugene sided with Rick once again? Are Aaron and Enid in danger? How much time does Carl have?
We’ll have to wait until February 2018 for the answers, when season eight of The Walking Dead returns.