– by Anthony Esteves

At the end of the last episode, the viewing audience witnessed Justin, the Savior who had “issues” with Daryl, quickly killed as the screen went to black. At the beginning of this episode, while Rick, Michonne, and Judith share family day, Justin has made the full transition to Walker and roams the land with a herd that would eventually be taken out by members of the community. While the threat of these Walkers was neutralized, the case for finding Justin’s killer was about to begin.

A number of Saviors, lead by the very shady Jed, played by Rhys Coiro (who’s made a career of playing shady or questionable characters in shows like Entourage and 24), demand justice for Justin’s death. The tension between as The Saviors point the tiger at Anne and Daryl, reaching a boiling point as both sides nearly break out into an all-out battle, but Rick is able to intervene and calm things down… temporarily. However, things only get worse as Arat, another Savior, goes missing. Rick, Maggie, Carol and Daryl team up to go hunting for the missing Savior, trying to find her as quickly as possible before the rest of the Saviors find out.

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Meanwhile, Anne secretly makes her way by night back to her old garbage waste hideout to remove a two-way radio. She then goes on to make contact with the helicopter that was cruising the night sky in the last episode. She agrees to bring them “an A” the next day. As she finishes her conversation, she is caught off guard by a spying Father Gabriel, who is distraught. It turns out Anne has been secretly giving up people to the helicopter in exchange for supplies. When Gabriel tells Anne that he can’t be a part of her plan and has to tell Rick, she silences him with a blow to the head with her gun.

While on the move, Rick and Carol are jumped by Saviors Jed and D.J., the two who were the most vocal during the standoff at the bridge site earlier. They attempt to hold her hostage in exchange for weapons, but their plans fail thanks to a quick knife strike from Carol, and she and Rick take the two into custody. As for Daryl and Maggie, they finally locate Arat just at the right time, as she’s on her knees about to face execution at the hands of Oceanside. Oceanside is seeking vengeance for the murders of their own at the hands of Simon and his Savior crew and they feel that due to Maggie’s actions against Gregory, they are justified in their actions.

After hearing them out, Maggie and Daryl make their decision: they turn around and walk away as Oceanside executes Arat. As they walk back to camp, Maggie turns to Daryl and delivers a line that will threaten what Rick has tried to create.

“We gave Rick’s way a chance… it’s time to see Negan.”

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