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The truth is still out there, as Agents Mulder and Scully are set to return for an impressive 10 episode eleventh season of The X-Files in January 2018. The show began its original run back in 1993 and after ending that run nine seasons later in 2002, the show was brought back for a tenth season in January of last year for a successful six episode run.

Popping up today are some images from the forthcoming season, via Entertainment Weekly.

You can check the photos out here.

The first picture shows Scully in a hospital bed. Series creator Chris Carter spoke with EW and had this to say about the photo,“Obviously something unexpected has happened.” Well, thanks Chris! The second image shows several people in a poorly lit room with an alien, and apparently is part of a jump in time during one of the episodes. Judging by the giant computer on the right side of the image this shot appears to be set in the 50s.

The X-Files was one of the first show I remember getting stuck on. I was young then and wasn’t home all the time to watch the new episodes as they aired, but through reruns and cable marathons, I was able to more or less watch the show in order, in what was probably my first binge watch.

It is sort of weird, because now I am not really a fan of monster or problem of the week shows (except Supernatural) but I always enjoyed those episodes of the X-files more than the on-going alien conspiracy arc, though I really liked any episode featuring The Cigarette Smoking Man. I think it’s because a lot of the time, Mulder and Scully never captured or killed the creature, often times the case wasn’t closed, viewers were left thinking whatever it was is still out there, much like the truth.

The search for the truth continues January 2018

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Moby85

    Yeah the longevity of the show is amazing. I remember being a young kid when it was a big deal that X-Files was being filmed around my hometown of Vancouver. I was in grade 2 with my Daffy Duck underwear. Now I’m 32, and no comment about my current boxer designs, but to have the same cast (including some of the cast who were middle aged at the time, such as The Smoking Man) still in Vancouver, still shooting X-Files is…Unbelievable.

    You need to only watch one of the early shows to see, for example, the types of cars being driven and computers they had at the time, so see how much time has passed.

  • Victor Roa

    I’ll still watch it, but DAMN that last season was the WORST! I always saw Scully as the logical one, and she’s hospitalized because of Anti-Vaccination conspiracy which was the whole world dies so then cancer man’s inner circle can survive….. wow, just go back to monster of the week instead. Mulder and Scully were real icons of Pop Culture but man they really did fuck them up hard this past season just to pretend there’s some drama that they are flawed.