– by Seth McDonald

The official trailer for the upcoming eleventh season of The X-Files was released today. It appears as if the fate of the world will largely depend on the son of Mulder and Scully. The Cigarette Smoking Man also seems like he will be a big part of the season arc. The conspiracy for this season seems to be larger and have more at stake than ever before.

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The X-Files had an original run of nine seasons, from 1993-2002 and then premiered its tenth season in January of 2016. Gillian Anderson has stated this will be her last time playing F.B.I. Agent, Dana Scully.

I have always loved The X-Files, I’m a sucker for shows that feature things that go bump in the night. I thoroughly enjoyed last season and will definitely be tuning in next year. I noticed a couple of my favorites in the trailer, The Cigarette Smoking Man of course, and Ringo, of the Lone Gunmen (who for a brief time had their own  X-Files spinoff show).

Will you be watching Mulder and Scully’s continuing search for the truth? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • Victor Roa

    Scully is in bed and then she’s ninja flipping….. Let me unpack this, Scully was always the skeptic and for what it was worth it was partially a heel to Mulder. Even if she loves Mulder and has a bond with him turning a 50 year old actress into action lead isn’t really saying much when he smarts is actually worth more then inserting Stunt doubles with red hair wigs.
    I know I’m ragging on a small clip but, last season was the worst, and in reality Mulder and Scully used to mean something to pop culture. Still, giving Cancer Man a larger roll is cool, but man it’s a weird mess that needs to be fixed I doubt there’s a season 12 after this.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I liked the last season and just hope that they finally conclude it. As much as I love Duchovny I can’t imagine him continuing without Scully.