– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Boy, oh boy. The Conjuring is the gift that keeps giving for Warner Bros., isn’t it?

The 2013 horror smash not only gave way to a sequel, but also a spinoff, Annabelle– which is getting its own sequel! But that’s not all, folks. There’s also going to be a spinoff about a character featured in The Conjuring 2!

(Sorry about all the exclamation marks. I’m a little over-caffeinated this morning!!!)

Folks who saw The Conjuring 2 were treated to one creepy freakin’ nun. The being haunted Vera Farmiga’s character throughout the horror sequel, which once again found James Wan at the helm. That nun left such an impression on audiences, despite not being the primary threat in the film, that it ended up garnering about as much buzz as the Annabelle doll did when it made its premiere in the first Conjuring. That’s why The Nun is officially on its way.

But that’s still not all!!

Variety is reporting that The Hallow director, Corin Hardy, has signed on to direct the picture. Hardy is also attached to the long-gestating reboot of The Crow.

While horror master Wan sat out Annabelle (save for a producer credit), he’s actually co-writing The Nun alongside Gary Dauberman, so it looks like Hardy is going to have some solid material to work with here.

It’s funny to see that The Conjuring is leading to exactly what Warner Bros. had hoped for when they released it in 2013- even if it’s not exactly in the way we all thought. When the first film came out, based on the case files of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, it was thought that it could lead to a series of films based on their legendary body of work. What’s been interesting to see is the evolution of that idea as, rather than simply focusing on the Warrens and proper Conjuring sequels, there’s so much material to mine here that there are spinoffs and sequels to those spinoffs! 

Good stuff! No wonder the Warners want Wan to keep winning with them, and they wrangled him to directed the wildly-wanted Aquaman!


SOURCE: Variety

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