– by Stephon White

Something is percolating in the Batman-verse, and this news comes right from Collider’s Jeff Sneider. But be warned, this is a rumor. So, take it or leave it. It’s interesting nonetheless. And here we go: Thomas Wayne has a significant role in The Joker. To be more specific, Thomas Wayne is getting significant screen time in The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, and being directed by Todd Phillips.

This makes me giddy. Even though it’s early, this film has me very excited. It certainly sounds like the filmmakers are trying to knock this DC title out of the park. It certainly would be interesting to hear what iteration of Thomas Wayne we’ll see. Personally, I love Thomas’ depiction from Tracy Hickman’s book, Wayne of Gotham. Why? Because he lays the foundations for the villains Bruce would one-day battle. Because the depiction of Thomas Wayne has him coming across as almost Bruce’s opposite. In Wayne of Gotham, Thomas Wayne is layered and imperfectly flawed.

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The news coming out of The Joker camp has me interested. I can’t wait to hear more on the project. A trailer would be nice, though it’s far too early. The film doesn’t begin filming until September. One can hope. Either way, it’s a rumor. Albeit a good one. It’s nice to hear something positive for DC, and it’s got me thinking. If Thomas has a key role, what about Bruce? Is this before he’s born? Possibly, but who knows besides the filmmakers. What I would personally like to see some flashbacks and flash forwards which could allow the filmmakers to showcase a younger Thomas, pre-birth of Bruce and then an older Thomas in the time he has with Bruce before his untimely demise. Hey, Wayne of Gotham pretty much nailed it and kept the story grounded.

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SOURCE: Collider