– by Campbell Clark

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy seems to have been a big hit. I say seems to because of course no one knows for sure how well Netflix shows do because they never release viewing figures. Though, everyone who I have spoken to that has watched the first season of Umbrella Academy loved it, and it seems to have a great buzz online. As yet, Netflix has not announced that Season 2 of the show has been greenlit, though it is expected. However, as ComicBook.com reported, it seems like Production Weekly is indicating the show will start filming Season 2 in May under the production title “Mercury”.

This seems like the first confirmation of a Season 2 and that will please fans who were getting a bit worried. The worries came from the actors who claimed to not know yet if a Season 2 would happen. Only a couple of days ago the actor who plays Number Five, Aidan Gallagher had fans asking questions. He indicated on social media he was done with the role and then his follow up tweet left even more questions, check it out.

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Now, my friends and I debated whether after the events of Season 1, they may look to recast Number Five as an adult to match the rest of the team. We all agreed this would be a bad move because Gallagher was fantastic in the role of Number Five. Gallagher was able to play a character far older than his siblings in mind, but with the body of a young teenager superbly well, along with the hints at his lonely induced madness. It would be a damn shame if they couldn’t fit that into further seasons.

Who knows, maybe Gallagher and the other cast members are just playing coy? The good thing is that it does seem as if Season 2 of Umbrella Academy is moving along after all. I really enjoyed the show, so I am very happy to see what comes next for this crazy group of characters.

Did you enjoy Umbrella Academy, happy it’s coming back, sad Gallagher might not be Five? share your thoughts in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com, Aidan Gallagher (via Twitter)