Welcome back to Breaking Geek after my one-week hiatus, a column that just won’t go away, where uber-geek Nick Doll offers commentary, reactions, and theories regarding the most interesting news of the week (or whatever he feels like), using his expansive knowledge of all things geek! Today’s topic: Further Avengers: Endgame Speculation Based On Attempting To Place Trailer Scenes In Chronological Order As Seen In Future Film. Golly, gee, that’s a mouthful! 

Avengers: Endgame.

You’ve seen the trailer, I’ve seen it many times (as you may have done), and though the title reveal was very anti-climactic – they’ve been hiding a non-spoiler title from us for how long? – the trailer is spectacular, even without any action set pieces and the only sign of Thanos being his iconic scarecrow wearing his armor as seen in the comics, and his arm still wielding the damaged Infinity Gauntlet.

Now, our man Cam has already done a trailer breakdown, but this Breaking Geek isn’t exactly that. I’ll be doing more speculating and less breaking down the trailer, though my speculation involves looking at some clever cutting producing the theory that at least one scene is from after Ant-Man’s surprise arrival, and many of the scenes we may be seeing are after Stark’s rescue/return, even though he was kept out of the shots.

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So… let’s speculate, ya’ll, covering some details from the scenes in the order I think they actually appear in the film. (I will be stealing a few of Cam’s images from his article…)

Open With Stark In Space

I think the movie could very well open with this scene, starting with the character that kicked all these events into motion by starting (or restarting after Captain America in WWII and Captain Marvel in 1995) the age of heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stark was the key to the last movie, and the Russo Brothers say Avengers: Endgame will balance out the basically two-part Avengers adventure by focusing most on the characters with little screentime in Avengers: Infinity War. So, Cap, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye aka Ronin will have the most to do, sidelining Thor and Banner a bit, though I’m sure Stark will still have a lot of screentime and prove key to the defeat of Thanos.

Nebula is on the ship with Stark, so them being stranded likely has to do with damages to the Milano while parked on Titan (which had a moon thrown at it), or a lack of fuel, perhaps due to the collapse of multiple empires across the galaxy after the Decimation (formally “the snap” or “the snappening”).

Stark in space would also mirror the opening to Infinity War, reminding us of the cosmic scale of this tale, with a depressing and hopeless opening not unlike Thanos besting Thor, Loki, and Hulk in that film.

I do think we will see his rescue at the hands of Pepper Potts, wearing her Rescue armor, that in the comics doesn’t even house weapons. I doubt it is Captain Marvel, because I really don’t see her showing up until the second half or even third act of the film. This is mostly going to be a classic Avengers team-up with the Phase 1 heroes. At least I hope so, though I am very excited for the arrival on a new Captain.

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Or Will It Be Thanos The Farmer? (No, That Comes Later)

This would be the alternate way to start the movie, as the last film ended with Thanos watching the sunset over a “grateful universe.”

That being said, Thanos was the protagonist of the first film, driving the narrative by seeking the stone while the Avengers tried to halt his actions, making them the antagonists (remember: protagonist and antagonist doesn’t always mean good guy and bad guy, respectively), but I think the role will be swapped this film, as it is the Avengers seeking out a way to save their friends and defeat the Mad Titan, therefore progressing the story. So it makes sense Stark would open the film, though these shots of Thanos’ farm likely appear in the first act of the film.

Of course, the Infinity Gauntlet is still all gnarly and melted, and Thanos is still wearing it. I’d wager it’s melted onto his arm for good… until the Avengers come knocking…

Followed By Superhero Depression And A Quick Return By Stark? 

Everyone is bummed out, man. This is certainly early in the film, perhaps right after cutting away from Stark.

That being said, by the time we get to Banner looking at the board confirming Shuri, Peter Parker, and Scott Lang as missing, I think Stark may already be back. How else would the team know Spider-Man’s identity and demise, unless he is assumed missing with Stark and Strange because no one has seen them since the day the children of Thanos arrived in New York.

I could be wrong. The Russos may balance screentime vs Infinity War by keeping Stark in space for a while, but I doubt it.

Finding Ronin: Hawkeye Returns

Okay, this means Hakweye’s family is dust. It makes sense we didn’t see him in the first film because he didn’t want to put his family at risk again, so decimating them makes the most sense to bring back Hawkeye. It would have felt forced in Infinity War, and made that film even more crowded.

Black Widow seeking him out could fall before or after the return of Stark, but likely before the arrival of Ant-Man at Avengers HQ’s front door.

Scott Lang Is Back!…

I think Scott Lang shows up before the exchange in the trailer between Natasha and Steve about their plan needing to work. Because I think their plan is to use Quantum energy to travel through time, and the team likely has no real ideas until Lang brings them a mini-Quantum tunnel.

But, how many days, months, or years after the Decimation is this?

They seem incredibly shocked that Scott Lang is at the door asking to be buzzed in. It has to have been more than a few days, as Scott could have just been off the radar for a brief spell in the chaos, yet he is listed as “Missing.” One would think he shows up months after the Decimation due to the absolute surprise on Captain America and Black Widow’s face when he shows up, like it was a complete impossibility.

Again, by the time Lang shows up, I think Stark is already back, they’re just not showing us that. Even as the genius, I would think he feels just as hopeless as the rest of the bunch, until Lang provides a new hope…

And it would really have to be months for Lang to understand Time Vortex’s right? It’s not like he popped out a few days later and knew that Quantum Realm tunnel in his van was the key to something greater. Also, while everyone else seems defeated, in typical Paul Rudd as Scott Lang is chipper and funny. Like he missed a lot and hasn’t spent months grieving hopelessly.

… Finally, Cap And Black Widow Gear Up For Quantum Realm Or Quantum Energy Related Adventure

I believe the scene where Natasha and Steve discuss their last-ditch effort plan is actually the scene that falls latest in the movie of all the trailer scenes, perhaps not until the start of the 2nd act. This plan is likely provided by Ant-Man’s arrival and knowledge of Time Vortex’s/whatever else Quantum energy can do, as there really weren’t many options before. Hell, this line could come from much later in the film.

Now they aren’t mourning in street clothes at Avengers HQ, but are suited up for action – with what I agree with Cam is Cap’s best suit – in what looks to be the interior of a Quinjet rather than “home.”

Though cleverly edited to have the Ant-Man reveal post-title and the conversation between Widow and Cap seeming as one scene at one location at first glance, this is when the remaining Avengers gear up for their Quantum adventure. Is it time travel?



I guess we’ll find out this April!

Does my reordering make sense to you? We all know Marvel Studios trailers are filled with tricks, right? I want to hear from YOU!