– by Nick Doll

The Dark Knight is widely considered the definitive Batman film — I think Batman Begins gives it a run for its money — though one point of criticism most Batman fans would agree upon is Christian Bale’s over-the-top Batman voice. In an age when Tobey Maguire was using his normal voice as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man (how did Mary Jane not figure that out from the start?), the “Christian Bale voice defense” was that at least Bruce Wayne had the foresight to disguise his voice, even if he took it in an odd direction.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice featured a new Batman in Ben Affleck, and with him, a new take on Batman’s voice.  While Christian Bale always sounded like he was going to lose his voice, by shouting all the time, or had lost it, when deeply whispering a lot, Affleck’s take sounds less painful to pull off and more subdued. The film brilliantly integrated Wayne Tech to alter the voice further, giving it a bit of a mechanical sound.

Well, now we know what Ben Affleck sounds like when he goes full Christian Bale. Or at least, when he attempts to go full Christian Bale. Batman-News.com has a clip from NBC’s Red Nose Day Special, where Affleck is asked to mimic his predecesor:

Well, That was underwhelming. When Affleck does his Bale Batman voice, it just sounds like a louder version of his own, and is still not nearly loud enough. The best Bale impressions/parodies I’ve heard are usually performed at a much higher volume; shouting “Where is Harvey Dent?!?” or “Swear to me!” is usually the best route to go.

For a pretty impressive imersonation, check out any of the Badman videos by Pete Holmes. He nails not only the shouts, but also those odd Bale whispers. Holmes plays both Batman and Joker below, as an example of the best parody you can get!

Am I being too critical of Affleck? Or do you agree that he really can’t do a good Christian Bale Batman voice? Let us know in the comments section below!

Though The Batman still does not have a release date, Ben Affleck will appear in Justice League, out November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE:  Batman-News.com