Luke Cage: Mike Colter Hopes Season 2 Will Cover The Character’s Very Public Identity

Every one of the Defenders has had his or her own set of very real problems in the Marvel Netflix universe. However, in one aspect, Luke Cage stands alone. Daredevil uses a mask to hide

Baywatch 2 Is In The Works, Already Has A Story

The new film Baywatch opened this week, starring the hilarious duo of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Based on the series of the same name starring David Hasselhoff, the movie version has taken a very

Kylo Ren’s State Of Mind In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Though he can be whiny like his grandfather and uncle, and has a galaxy-famous temper, Kylo Ren is perhaps the best Star Wars villain since the legendary Darth Vader, so far. Kylo Ren, formally Ben

Pirates Co-Director Joachim Rønning On Fighting For The Gig & Growing Up With His Collaborator

It's not everyday that you jump on board a nearly 15-year franchise -- especially one that's as prominent in the pop culture zeitgeist as Pirates of the Caribbean. Given the strong brand recognition of the

The Mummy Beats The Tar Out Of Tom Cruise In New Clip

That time Sofia Boutella threw Tom Cruise across a forest. Watch this exclusive #TheMummy clip. — #TheMummy (@themummy) May 23, 2017 For well over a year, we’ve known that Universal has been working behind

Was Joss Whedon Working On Justice League Prior To Zack Snyder’s Family Tragedy?

This week the news broke that director Zack Synder and producer Deborah Snyder were leaving Justice League after a truly tragic death in their family. While fans and fellow filmmakers expressed their sadness and support

Game Of Thrones Cast Discuss What A Stark Family Reunion Could Be Like

The Stark family has always been thought of as “the good guys” on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. In a cruel and unforgiving world like Westeros, morals and ethics can quickly be tossed aside in

Watch Ben Affleck Attempt To Replicate Christian Bale’s Infamous Batman Voice

The Dark Knight is widely considered the definitive Batman film -- I think Batman Begins gives it a run for its money -- though one point of criticism most Batman fans would agree upon is

Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Doesn’t Think She Could Have Made A Good Thor 2 Movie

Hollywood can be a brutal and unforgiving place. We’ve seen dreams get crushed in the moviemaking machine, and we’ve seen directors cycle in and out of big budget productions due to creative differences. While Marvel

Production Designer For Wonder Woman Shares Images Of Its Stunning Visual World

With the Premiere of Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman taking place last night and a fan screening the night before, the anticipation for the film is very high. So far reactions to the film has been