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Destiny was released in 2014 by Bungie, the original developers of the Halo series for Microsoft. Whilst it’s fair to say it had a troubled development and a less than stellar beginning, the game has certainly attracted a legion of rabid fans, many of whom have essentially stopped playing other video games to focus all their gaming time on this.

Whilst I do play other games, I certainly count myself among one of its many fans. I have racked up over five weeks of continuous play time and I would say that running 6-player Raids on this game with clanmates has been my number one cooperative gaming experience to date. However, the game had many criticisms including a shallow initial storyline with a disjointed and sometimes non-existent narrative. Yes, it improved during the lifespan of the game and its many content updates, but surely this would be a major focus of Bungie as they move into the games sequel.

Destiny 2 is released this Wednesday, September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One, and the PC release will drop on October 24th. Destiny 2 promises to be a far superior game to the first, as Bungie has acknowledged the many failings of their first effort with this type of game.

Below is the recently released live action Destiny 2 trailer to promote the game’s release this week by Bungie.

It’s hard to fully explain or categorize Destiny as a video game, as it is fairly unique. On one hand, it has similar concepts to online MMO’s like World of Warcraft, while in other ways it feels similar to the FPS action of the early Halo games. Activities are broken down into the following categories:

Main Campaign

Story based mission which can be completed solo or with a fireteam of up to three players. Heavily cinematic and linear story driven gameplay. Fans anticipate a much larger and better directed story than the lacklustre efforts of the original.


Standard 4 vs 4 Multiplayer across many familiar FPS gametypes such as Team Deathmatch and other more objective based matches. There is also an elite PVP mode called Trials which challenge the greatest players to make their way through an escalating series of matches against other top players to reach a goal of nine undefeated matches.

End Game

This is split into activities such as World Quests, Lost Sectors, Public Events, Heroic and Nightfall Strikes for up to three players and the ultimate challenge, the six player Raids. The Raid’s give you little to no guidance on how to complete them and you and your friends will at first have to work out how to get past various mechanics in order to defeat a series of boss characters and recieve high level rewards.

Character Progression

In Destiny the things you do earn you rewards such as new weapons and armour and the game recognizes what level you are and doles out its rewards accordingly. Although the further you progress, the more limited and difficult your options become. In short, you will become more powerful and better equipped the longer and harder you play the game. The race will be on among the hardcore players to try and maximize their characters before the first Raid is released on September 12th.

I already have my deluxe edition preordered and downloaded on my Xbox One and maybe we will bump into one another as enemies or allies on that system. The deluxe edition also gives you access to the first two expansions to the base game which are likely to drop around December this year and then March 2018 (unconfirmed). It is also worth noting that the PS4 version of the game has a few extra pieces of content not available to players on the other versions. This is due to Sony essentially paying extra for an exclusivity deal and it amounts to one Multiplayer map, one extra Strike, and a few extra pieces of gear and cosmetics. I don’t know about you guys, but I despise these exclusivity deals, but maybe it helps Sony to shift PS4 units at a better rate than Xbox One’s and I am just feeling bad being on the other side of the fence?

If you are unsure if this is the game for you, have a look at the gameplay video below. This is the game’s first story campaign mission and was released as a beta test to fans like me in July.

Will you be getting Destiny 2? Were you a fellow Guardian like me from the original? Let us know in the comments below….. Good luck, Guardian!

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SOURCE: Bungie

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