– by Seth McDonald

With the deal between Fox and Disney likely to be announced on Thursday, what the future holds for both companies is uncertain. Disney has much brighter things to look forward to, acquiring long desired properties, while Fox may be looking at a complete restructuring by this time next year.

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Fans of Fox’s Gotham may be wondering where the show lands in all this. Well, according to Forbes, this deal between Fox and Disney means that Disney will own 20th Century Fox studios, not Fox Network itself. This means that Disney will have control over the content the studio produces, but will not have control over the series that are produced by third-party companies.

Gotham is one wuch show, a couple others being Lethal Weapon and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now, once Disney does come in, chances are they will likely wipe out shows that aren’t cash cows, like Family Guy and The Simpsons. With this being the case, Fox Network will essentially need to (at least initially) rely on these third-party shows to help pad their content. As such, shows like Gotham will likely end up in a favorable position.

My jokes about Disney being on a quest for world domination are becoming less and less funny (if there ever were funny) as after this deal The House of Mouse will have the beginnings of a cinematic empire.

What are you thoughts on this deal and the long term effects it may have on the industry? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Forbes