Wheel Of Time Season 2 Filming Update From Morocco

So The Wheel of Time Season 3 has wrapped filming, or has it? Plus we have some Season 3 casting news to share as well.

One weird question I keep seeing online. Is The Wheel of Time Season 2 filming finished in Morocco? Listen folks, despite what some internet rumblings seem to be saying, the answer is a resounding no! The Wheel of Time is filming right now in Morocco with at least the director of Episodes 7 & 8 and perhaps others. The majority of the main cast, plus tons of extra’s are there. There is a sign on a local ancient fortress that filming is taking place from April 11th, to April 30th.

Honestly I’m not sure where rumors come from at times. Perhaps this is fans who refuse to believe that Season 2 won’t be out this October/November? It won’t, sorry. The Rings of Power will take care of September into October. That show fights against HBO’s House of Dragon for supremacy of the Fantasy Multiverse. I’m not saying it’s impossible that The Wheel of Time Season 2 could arrive in November. However, why would they rush it? Current best estimates from those most in the know are early-mid 2023. I’d guess Feb-April.

If you still don’t believe this is accurate then please feel free to watch the latest video published today by WoT Up!. This Channel is the one I turn to for any news on The Wheel of Time Season 2 filming and he tends to either get sent leaks, or cover those of other leakers.

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Normally this channel is sent images which they can describe but cannot actually show. Perhaps this is what has led some members to doubt the accuracy, I have no idea? However in this latest episode the channel is able to share the images as they are not from a closed set. Tourists could walk around and take images and we can see construction of various upgrades to the fortress, made to look just like they were always there. There is also that big sign saying filming is happening until April 30th. This can all be seen in this video below, which is only 9 minutes long, so give it a watch. Again, reminder this is all from Morocco filming.


As for speculating what is being filmed here, hmm, no one is 100% sure. The channel above, WoT Up! is convinced that one of two possible battles has been filmed, that is Falme, which provides the backdrop of the second books climax. However, we also know that sooner or later, books are going to have to be merged to get through 14 books worth of content in 8 seasons. Therefore there is some fan debate about whether the battle of Tear, the book 3 climax may be merged into one event with Falme?

The honest answer is, no one knows? The reason we think Falme has been filmed is that Seanchan, and Whitecloaks were seen on set. For book readers, you know this points specifically to Falme and not Tear. However as said in the video above, the structures and the fortress we see in Morocco, looks more Tear than Falme. Very interested to see how they manage to get through these books quicker because Season 1 surprisingly to me didn’t cover all that much of Book 2-3 outside of some early world-building aspects.

Now you could say, if the show continues to be popular, maybe they just spread this out to 10-12 seasons? However that becomes very tricky when it comes to the contracts of the main stars. Bear in mind that several of the main characters do need to make it to the finale of this story.


Anyway to recap, ignore any silly rumors you’ve heard that The Wheel of Time Season 2 will miraculously appear in early November, it’s not happening. For now, The Wheel of Time Season 2 filming continues in Morocco. Who knows if that’s the end or not?

Hopes and dreams for The Wheel of Time Season 2 below. I had some issues with Season 1, but I want them to get this right. Let us know what you want to see?

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