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Keegan Michael Key and Get Out director Jordan Peele (pictured right).

Keegan Michael Key and Get Out director Jordan Peele (pictured right).

Marvel Studios has sort of revolutionized the way directors are brought onto big picture projects. Back in the day, there would be a very traditional ramping up of one’s directorial skills. They’d start off small, and build up over the course of a decade or so. With the onset of cinematic universes and franchises, things have changed. No longer do directors have to work up to these big budgets. Instead, studios surround great storytellers with an experienced crew. At Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige’s mentality is “if they can make a good story with $10 million, they can make a good story with $100 million,” and it’s one that’s served them well so far. Now, whenever some small film hits it big, movie fans are left to wonder if its director will be next to get paired with the next big superhero film. 

Given the success of the recent horror movie Get Out from Jordan Peele, it was inevitable that his name would get brought up at some point. As of this writing, this film has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, with only one sucker turning in a negative review. Regardless of that one hater, between the amazing reception and the killer $30 million performance at the box office last weekend, this one seems destined to be a breakout hit.

So what’s next for Jordan Peele? Is he the next big hot director that’ll get picked up by Disney in some capacity? Speaking with Screen Junkies, Peele mentioned why that’s an unlikely probability.

“My whole Life, I’ve been like, ‘Oh, man, wouldn’t it be dope to be a part of one of these great reboots or revivals?’ Over the past eight years, I’ve come up with four other scripts in the social horror genre. I think what people love about this movie so far is that they can’tsee it anywhere else. It’s sort of a unique film, so I feel like my responsibility to the world at this point is to keep making original films. Try to do some elevated horror, fun horror, that says something. I think that’s what I’m here for.”

Of course, when giving an answer like that, one has to question if this means it’ll be the last we’ll see of Jordan Peele in FRONT of the camera. After all, audiences did grow to love him and Keegan Michael Key in their hit comedy sketch series Key and Peele, and it would be a loss if we couldn’t get another Keanu film.

However, the fact remains that he seems to enjoy being behind the camera much more than in front of the camera.

“We can talk [about doing Keanu 2], but to be honest, I’m not a fan of my acting…It’s like watching yourself or listening to yourself talk…As a director, I can sort of sit back, watch the product, and enjoy other people’s acting, and enjoy other people’s work, and sort of pretend I didn’t make the movie. I can experience it more as an audience.”

While we’ll miss Peele in front of the camera, if Get Out is a harbinger of things to come in his career, then I honestly prefer him behind the camera pulling the strings. He clearly has a talent for this, and the film industry is much better off having a unique voice like his in it than another superhero helmer. As much as we love those things, there are plenty of those going around at the moment.

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SOURCE: Screen Junkies

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