– by Mark Cook

Not sure if any of you watched Arrow last night, but it was some great story-telling with some excellent plot twists!  Hopefully, The Flash can keep up! Last week The Flash kicked off its fifth season with Barry and Iris’ daughter, Nora, revealing that she returned to see Barry because she never had the chance to grow up with him as he vanished in a crisis from the news article we have seen.  Also, the mysterious Cicada arrived looking to kill all those who Flash has apprehended.  Will Cicada turn out to be a proper villain for Team Flash?  Read on to find out!

Cicada — The new villain starts the show and we see a flashback from which would have occurred after the show ended last week.  He and last week’s meta, Gridlock, got into an altercation (with Cicada taking some damage), but resulted in him killing the meta.  Even though we don’t know who he is, he did unmask quicker than I thought he was going to as he went to work.  (Is he a janitor?  No shame, just somewhat random.) The new villain’s power comes through at the end when he absorbed Barry, Cisco, and Ralph’s powers with his dagger.  He was about to kill Barry before Nora showed up and yelled, “dad”.  Is Cicada connected to Nora from the future?  She sure seems to know about him.

Just Change It — Nora shares with the rest of the team that she is not stuck in the present, and that Barry will eventually vanish.  Iris has a nonchalant attitude about the information saying that Team Flash can clearly just change the future if they want.  The rest of the team agrees.  Maybe getting a bit cocky?  Also, why are they all alright with changing the future?  Doesn’t this bring up some possible ethical issues that they seemed to battle with when Barry changed the past?  When Barry saved his mom, the team was upset that he would do such a thing, and Cisco even asked why he wouldn’t save his brother, which was a huge area of contention between the two.  Obviously changing the past carries consequences, but wouldn’t that apply for changing the future as well?

Meta-Of-The-Week — Well, we have a new one; Vanessa Jansen.  This one wants to steal military-grade weapons (has anyone else noticed that there are a ridiculous amount of arms dealers in this town? Arms dealers are to Flash as warehouse fights are to Arrow I guess.) She doesn’t really serve much purpose outside of creating a crime scene for Barry, Nora, and … Iris to come check out, and of course as a quick baddy to take down later, and take her down they did, but WOW was it bad.  Barry gets trapped so Nora has to tire the new meta out.  The meta’s portrayal of being tired was bad…really bad (you know that embarrassed feeling you get when someone else does something dumb?  That’s how I felt). Thank goodness Cicada came to kill the meta so that hopefully we won’t have to see her again.

Naive Nora — Barry and Nora go after Jansen together, and it’s clear that Barry has his work cut out for him.  She jumps into action without any sort of plan, and Barry has to save her.  Barry takes Nora back to basics, but she wants to get straight to the point and learn how to be exactly like Barry and his skill level.  Her overly ambitious characteristics lead to more issues. The father/daughter dynamic between Barry and Nora still works well, especially after Barry gets some fatherly advice from Joe.  There is still some awkward tension between Nora and Iris.  Do you think she possibly blames Iris for Barry’s disappearance?

The Others — Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph still don’t serve much of a purpose, initially.  Cisco is upset over Gypsy and outside of the usual scientific jargon, they are again used as comic relief, with little success.  We do at least find out Caitlin’s reasoning for not wanting to know if her father is alive…because it would mean he didn’t want her in his life.  Cisco and Caitlin do share a comforting moment with each other as he encourages her to seek her dad regardless of the result, which apparently her mother had a hand in.

It wasn’t awful, but I feel like last week’s episode was better.  Cicada does interest me though, and I look forward to seeing how he connects with Nora.  I hope they keep his character close to the source material. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Does Cicada interest you?  Why do you think Barry vanishes in the crisis?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

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