– by Seth McDonald

What a powerful form of communication a meme is, they can be funny, political, serious and are most always artistic in one way or another. Many emotions can be expressed through a meme and the internet did just that when it got its first look at Will Smith as the Genie in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Aladdin.

The version of the character was pretty much roasted and a plethora of memes were produced, and they actually made their way to both Guy Ritchie and Will Smith. While speaking with Empire, Smith revealed that he has indeed seen a good number of the genie memes and hefound then funny. You can check out what he had to say below.

“It was very funny. There was a Sonic the Hedgehog /Genie frog. Everything is under such critical scrutiny. I came up in an era where there was no internet. It’s a new thing that I’m trying to get a handle on.”

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Ritchie Also had something to say on the matter.

“It even came with apologies from the cynics who were so adamant initially. I’ve never seen apologies in that world. I thought, ‘Oh well, great, we’re back to where I’d hoped we’d be.'”

Personally, I never had an issue with the genie, maybe because before I caught a glimpse of it, I had already read that Disney stated the CGI wasn’t quite finished. Sure, it’s going to be nearly impossible for Smith to top the classic performance of Robin Williams from the original Aladdin, but Smith may make his version memorable in different ways.

I will watch most any film that has Will Smith in it, as well as most any film that is directed by Guy Ritchie, so I’ve been in on this Aladdin remake from the beginning.

What was your initial reaction to the genie? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Empire (via MovieWeb)