– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Gal Gadot, who’s stock is now much higher in Hollywood thanks to her landing the coveted role of Wonder Woman in WB/DC’s films, is going to have to scratch at least one project off her slate. The actress was vying for a role in the upcoming redo of Ben-Hur, but alas, it looks like her schedule simply won’t allow it. 

DC recently announced its ambitious slate of films and, while the studio is determined to stick to those release dates, it sounds like the production schedules themselves are still in a state of flux. I was the first to report that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League were going to be shot back-to-back and be released a year apart, and this development with Gadot is further proof of just how attached the two projects really are. The work required of the talent involved in BvS is bleeding right into the work required for Justice League which, in turn, is supposed to lead into solo films for various characters. So if you’re an actor involved in a DC property, you’re probably going to have a tough time booking side work for the next couple of years. Unless your name is Ben Affleck. Though, even he has had to shift things around now that he’s knee deep in all things Batman. 

The Hollywood Reporter describes the scheduling on DC’s films as “ever-lengthening.”

Gadot would have been the female lead, a slave named Esther, if things would have worked out with Ben-Hur. That film will star Jack Huston, Tobey Kebbell, and Morgan Freeman. The film will be a new take on the original novel on which the original 1959 Charlton Heston film was based.


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