– by Seth McDonald

The reckoning is upon us, or maybe it’s the Ralphening? Either way Ralph set to break the internet beginning tonight. Now the big galoot has now taken credit for the mishaps that Facebook and Instagram endured yesterday. In a post on the film’s official Instagram account, Ralph is named as the party responsible for bringing down two of the most popular social media sites. This is the second time in the passed week that Facebook and Instagram have had down time.

Was there ever any reason to doubt who was at fault? Big guy, known for wrecking things is on the verge of heading to the Internet, and then all of a sudden Facebook AND Instagram go down? Well hopefully, any other damage Ralph may do to the internet in the upcoming film is easily fixable, as the world needs the Internet.

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I loved the first film, and while I usually don’t make trips to the theater for animated films, even ones I want to see, I may just make an exception for Ralph and Vanellope. The scene with the gathering of all the Disney princesses may be worth the $12 alone, and I’m not even a huge fan of the princesses, but they are a huge part of pop culture, and who knows what other surprises the film may hold.

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