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As a director, Zach Snyder has received both high praise and severe criticism. Movies like Dawn Of The Dead and 300 garnered immediate fan praise in theaters. One of his most polarizing films, Watchmen, had many split, calling it either a boring rip-off or a near-perfect adaptation of the graphic novel (this writer agrees with the latter). Then, we come to his work as the lead creative mind for the DC Extended Universe. While Man Of Steel was an enjoyable film (in this writer’s opinion), his follow-up Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was a film housing a number of flaws. Whether it was the fault of the studio putting too many restraints on Snyder or a storyline that tried to fit too much into one film, BvS has been viewed as a slip-up in the Warner Bros./DC attempt to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With that said, Snyder has recently been very open with certain creative approaches he had taken in the development of his DC on-screen story arc. The website Batman-News presented photos posted on Snyder’s Vero social media account. The photos feature suit designs he had planned on for his films. Quite noticeable is the futuristic Flash suit used in the “Knightmare” scene of BvS and the idea Snyder had of a mask for Cyborg in Justice League. Ironhead Studio created the physical models for Snyder and the production.

Cyborg and flash maquettes we did for Batman v Superman.

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“I felt he needed an optional face shield so he could smash through stuff without destroying his human face”, Snyder mentioned on his Vero account regarding the Cyborg mask. While it is unclear what part Snyder will play in future DC films, the director is definitely enjoying providing insight on his creative process on the films he has already completed to his fans and followers.

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Source: Batman-News.