– by Seth McDonald

The latest entry into the Saw franchise, Jigsaw, has some early reviews coming in, and, they aren’t so great. Garnering a score on the Tomatometer of 47% with a considerable improvement of 66% from the audience, Jigsaw isn’t off to the best start. Of course it is unlikely that these reviews will stop fans of the franchise from watching the film, as the series seems to have a fairly large and dedicated following. You can check out some excerpts of the reviews below.


“Jigsaw” is simply the same old stuff, only more deflated and desperate, missing visual oomph, ghoulish imagination, and a reason to be.


“As a one-off serving fans a nostalgic dose of a mid-2000s fad, it’s just what the coroner ordered.”


“It’s fun to watch. I just don’t think it’s the kind of fun the filmmakers’ planned.”


“He’s up to his old tricks again, even though he’s been dead for a decade, and by old tricks, I mean old-and-musty.”

While I am not a huge fan of blood and guts type horror, I have always found a nice balance with the Saw films as far as a psychological aspect mixed in with gore. While the reviews aren’t great, the franchise seems to hold up better over several films than other horror series do, meaning, I think Saw IV, is a better overall film, than say A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

I have always felt that the critics on RottenTomatoes are a bit harsh, and that IMDb is a little too forgiving. Having said that, my tastes are more aligned with IMDb, so I always give a film a chance, even with rotten Tomatometer scores.

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Source: RottenTomatoes

  • Kronx

    You don’t go see Saw 8 without knowing what you’re getting into.

    It’s a hyperactive version of classic Grimm fairy tales which uses untimely, gory deaths to punctuate straightforward morality plays. Instead of a wolf or witch it’s a pit of needles or a trick gun. And Jigsaw is the all-knowing god of it all who punishes the wicked and lets the penitent have a shot at life through redemption. It’s not even really horror when you think about it.

    • Yeah and that worked….. for a while. But that seems like a long time ago now

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Let this series die. It’s like the film makers are leading their fans to a slow and torturous death.


      People are now suffering from franchise fatigue. Why couldn’t a film like this be a Netflix Original? I couldn’t see myself paying money to see people get tortured to death for 120 mins, I just don’t see the appeal of it at this point.

  • TheOct8pus

    The next torture game from Jigsaw will be to get strapped in a chair sit through another one of these sequels….the key to the straps binding you are at the bottom of a bucket of poisoned popcorn that you can only get to by eating your way through….

  • Lenin1959

    “I think Saw IV, is a better overall film, than say A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.”

    Uhm… No, it isn’t.

    • Seth McDonald

      Yeah, well, ya know, thats just like, your opinion man.

      • Lenin1959

        Yes, but my opinion is better! /sarcasm