Wahlberg Could Still Be Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’ Movie

Uncharted is a film that's taken a surprisingly long time to make its way into production. Based on the smash hit Sony Playstation franchise, it has an action-packed story that lends itself perfectly to Hollywood blockbuster

Will Ferrell May Play Obsessed Father of College Bound Student in ‘Crazy U’

It may not be an “Old School” sequel, but it may be close enough for Will Ferrell. New Line Cinema is acquiring the adaptation rights to Andrew Ferguson’s book “Crazy U. One Dad’s Crash Course

Want A ‘King Arthur’ Movie? How About Six?

King Arthur, the legendary historical figure with more IMDb credits than Samuel L. Jackson, has long been a fascination for Hollywood. Many famous actors have played him, with Clive Owen's turn in 2004's King Arthur being