Description Of The Two Venom Credit Scenes

This Friday, we will all have a chance to watch Tom Hardy as the titular character in Venom. While the film has angered some fans for not honoring the character's traditional origin, the film will

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While Justice League was a fun movie for what it was, it does have numerous issues, and perhaps the biggest overall is that it feels like it was thrown together in haste just to have

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S**t just got real. Maybe. We'll see. Okay, I'll buy it when I actually see it, but there are whispers that the long-discussed Bad Boys for Life (aka Bad Boys 3) could actually be happening

Mortal Engines Featurette Delves Into The Lead Character Universal Pictures has their work cut out for them for the upcoming Mortal Engines film. The adaptation of the YA novel fo the same name is set to hit theaters mid-December, and while its

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By this point, based on everything we've heard, it's clear that Zack Snyder had a very specific vision of the DC Extended Universe. In fact, it feels like he really didn't have a universe in

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 Exclusive 'Eli Roth's History of Horror' Trailer Teases a Terrifying Trip Down Memory Lane from ColliderVideo on Vimeo. Eli Roth has been part of the newer generation of horror genre filmmakers, breathing new life

LRM Exclusive: Why Venom Director Ruben Fleischer Signed Onto The Project

Venom is just around the corner from hitting theaters, and at this point, many fans still aren't quite sure what to think of it. There are plenty who still lament that Sony opted to make

Hellboy Is Legendary AF In New Poster

Before you flame me for that Generation Z-bait title, no I didn't sport that tagline. That's all Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the upcoming Hellboy reboot, which will see David Harbour take on the role

Venom: Tom Hardy Says His Favorite Scenes Aren’t In The Film

The optics for the Venom film ain't too good right now. I don't think you need me to tell you that. If you just look to your left or right and ask that person if

How Bad Times At The El Royale Is like A Play According to Jon Hamm And Cailee Spaeny

Film is definitely a mixture of a couple different mediums. It's not just a visual medium, it also has different aspects of other arts like music, acting, photography, and the like. With the exception of