The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Daisy Ridley Teases ‘Epic’ Water Drenched Duel

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is almost here, the final installment into the Skywalker Saga, the film aims to bring together the nine episodes that make up one of the most beloved franchises in

Regal Cinemas To Offer Monthly Subscription Package

While MoviePass appears to still be sorting things out, Regal cinemas has their own monthly subscirption service set to launch at the end of this month. According to Deadline the company will offer plants of $18,

The Big Reasons Why Hollywood Doesn’t Get Anime

Even though we’ve had a couple of modest successes this year with Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and Alita: Battle Angel, Hollywood still hasn’t really cracked the anime and manga code. Not quite yet. But why is

Yup, Tarantino Confirms He Has One More Film In Him

Hey, there. Joseph Medina here, giving you your weekly update on whether or not Quentin Tarantino is actually anywhere near the end of his career, or if he’s just been lying all these years. For

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Tony Revolori Originally Auditioned Using Biff’s Lines From Back To The Future

When one thinks of Flash Thompson, one doesn’t necessarily think of a small brown dude. Prior to Spider-Man: Homecoming, he was often portrayed as a typical, jock-type high schooler who bullies Peter Parker. Even on

Spider-Man: The Iconic Kissing Scene From Sam Raimi’s Film Had Tobey Maguire ‘Semi-Drowning’

While the original Spider-Man films from Sam Raimi may not exactly hold up well to some (this writer included), there is no doubt they were an important part of comic book movie history. Along with

Trailer: David Harbour’s Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster Is Confusing As Hell

Us film and TV nerds love the meta stuff. There’s a reason why the character of Deadpool has become so popular in recent years. We’re at the stage right now where even the most mainstream

Deadpool Creator Pushing For Cable Franchise

We’ve said time and again that things over at Marvel are up in the air. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is as secure as ever, but anything owned by Fox at one point is stuck in

Producer Adi Shankar On How He’d Tackle My Hero Academia

Adi Shankar is an interesting filmmaker out there. In addition to his involvement in actual sanctioned adaptations like Castlevania, he’s also made a name for himself in the fan communities with his dark and gritty

The Flash: IT’s Andy Muschietti In Talks To Helm Long-In-Development DC Film

The Flash is one of those DC films that has faced setback after setback. It’s faced a revolving door of directors from the get-go, and has pretty much been helmless for at least a couple