American Gods “Come To Jesus” Recap

Courtesy of Starz

Courtesy of Starz

Well, here it is: the eighth episode. The season finale of Neil Gaiman’s novel turned television series. So, without further ado, here’s what happened on the American Gods season finale.

As Shadow and Wednesday sit back in silk robes, waiting for the completion of Mr. Nancy’s specially tailored suits, he tells them the story of a specific queen: Bilquis. He tells them of her reign in her land, how she moved throughout the ages, adapting to the changing eras and taking her followers through her sexual exploits. His story culminates on how weakened she is after ISIS destroys her altar and is given her power back due to an arrangement with Technical Boy.

Upon completion of their suits, Shadow and Wednesday arrive in Kentucky at their next stop; the next God who’s allegiance they need. Walking into a colorful and vibrant party, the two of them meet Ostara, better known to the world as Easter, played beautifully by Kristin Chenoweth. Throughout the party, Wednesday flatters her by saying the day belonged to her before Jesus Christ (and yes, the party is attended by multiple different depictions of Jesus; “a different Jesus for a different denomination”) came along and explaining that Vulcan was taken from him, beheaded by his followers. 

Meanwhile, Laura and Mad Sweeney have also arrived at Easter’s gala, having a moment with her in which Easter reveals that it was a God that caused her death and because of it, she is unable to resurrect Laura. After interrogating Sweeney, using the method of a very strong grip on his nether regions, Sweeney reveals that it was Wednesday who ordered Laura’s death. 

Courtesy of Starz

Courtesy of Starz

Easter is then called upon to meet a new attendee to the party: Media. Media asks Easter if she has been in contact with Wednesday and tries to entice her in continuing their alliance, one in which keeps her tied to the Christian depiction of the holiday. Eventually Wednesday interrupts and we end up with a stand off. On one side, Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World. On the other, Easter, Wednesday and Shadow stand together, Shadow still confused as to who Wednesday is. It is then that the moment arrives; the moment where Mr. Wednesday reveals exactly what God he is to Shadow. As he strikes down Mr. World’s digital henchmen with lightning from the sky, Wednesday tells him he is the One-Eyed, the Hooded One, and the All-Father. It is here that Shadow realizes exactly who he is.

Mr. Wednesday is Odin.

Odin then asks Easter to step up and make her stance. Casting her arms to the sky, Easter reclaims her power and removes the season of Spring from the land. All plant life is killed and the sky loses the shine it once had. Odin then tells Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World that the people may have their season back when they decide to pray for it again. The sides have been chosen; the war is inevitable and in the middle, Laura still asks if she can have a moment with her husband. 

We are also left with the knowledge that Bilquis has made her way to Wisconsin, the supposed next stop on Wednesday’s, er, Odin’s list.

American Gods is a fantastic series. One that captures the essence of Neil Gaiman’s novel while giving it a modernization that all audiences can enjoy. Each actor is perfectly cast in their role, especially Ian McShane’s portrayal as Mr. Wednesday. Emily Browning and Pablo Schreiber make a great anti-team as Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney, while Ricky Whittle’s honesty as Shadow leads the audience with him through his journey alongside his new boss. In fact, every single actor in this series, both legend and newcomer, excels at the roles given to them. Blended with a complex, engaging story and unforgettable visuals, American Gods is the most unique and entertaining new series since The Walking Dead, but one that has the freedom of being on a premium cable network like Starz, allowing them to push the limits farther than any other show.

And now, we wait until 2018 for season two. Until then, we can sit back and enjoy the first season over and over again, catching anything we may have missed and enjoying once again everything we saw. 

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