Andrew Garfield Talks Meeting Hardy’s Venom, Leaks, Door Dash, And Lying

Andrew Garfield Talks Meeting Hardy's Venom, Leaks, Door Dash, And Lying

Andrew Garfield talks meeting Hardy’s Venom, leaks, Door Dash and lying to his friend and co star Emma Stone. All of this comes from a recent appearance on Happy Sad Confused Podcast with Josh Horowitz. Let’s start with one of the very first leaks that Garfield was in No Way Home.

Door Dash

A Door Dash delivery driver went on line to claim he had delivered food to Garfield in a hotel in Atlanta, at the time the rumors were starting and No Way Home was filming there. I remember it clear as a bell and I did wonder whether we’d ever get conformation either way on this one. Well we have and it was true.

“This is my first night in Atlanta, and I’m with two of my best friends. We’re out at the house that they’re putting me up in, and I ordered takeout for us. COVID is high, [but] I order food. It’s literally my first night there, and it’s great. I get to wear a mask everywhere. I get to wear a hat. Nobody’s ever going to know I’m here, and I’m going to really be low-key and whatnot.”

“So the guy comes to the door, the delivery guy, [a] sweet seeming guy, nice seeming dude, and I open the door,” he continued. “I’ve got my mask on, my hat, and I’m like, ‘Thanks, man.’ And he’s like, ‘Yo, I need to see your ID.’ And I’m like ‘Huh?’ He’s like, ‘I need to see your ID.’ And I’m like, ‘No delivery food thing has ever asked me for my ID. This is interesting.'”

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He asked the delivery driver to take a few steps back (COVID) and after being told he had to present his ID for ordering alcohol, he pointed out to the guy, “‘No, I didn’t get alcohol. I didn’t get any alcohol, man. I got some tacos.'”

“Lo and behold, the guy goes, ‘I just I think I just delivered food to Andrew Garfield,’ and I think he called me rude, which I definitely wasn’t. I did ask to do social distancing, but I obviously upset the man and I didn’t mean to and I apologize for anything that may have been misconstrued as being rude. I don’t like upsetting people, but it just became this whole thing. Wherever you are, I know what you were up to. You were being sneaky, and you gave me a good challenge that night.”

Lying to Emma Stone

Garfield also talked in detail about having to keep his Spider-Man: No Way Home role a secret, Garfield even lied to his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone.

“Emma kept on texting me. She was like, ‘Are you in this new Spider-Man film?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ She was like, ‘Shut up, just tell me,’ And like, I honestly…I kept it going, even with her, it’s hilarious. And then she saw it and was like, ‘You’re a jerk!'”

After all the leaks hit Sony assured Garfield they would deal with it and he then decided to keep lying. Of course, Sony were going to have a hard job denying images, one even getting out there in an 8k format. Plus the majority of the top tier Marvel leakers were all 100% sure on both Garfield and Maguire from early doors. It ended up all quite comical in the end.

Tom Hardy’s Venom

Fans now seem to want Tom Hardy’s Venom to exist in Garfield’s Spider-Man Universe and have the pair meet. So what does Garfield think of that idea?

“That’s a cool idea.”

Earlier Garfield had talked about having the will to do more Spider-Man movies if the opportunities are right.

“In terms of moving forward with the character, I am definitely open to that. It would have to be something very unique, very special, and of service to the audience and the character. I think there’s something playful and unique and odd and unexpected to be done. I’m not sure it is, but if we can figure it out, that would be so much fun.” 

What do you think of his comments as Andrew Garfield talks meeting Hardy’s Venom, leaks, Door Dash and lying to his fiend and co star Emma Stone? Sound off below as always.

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