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The latest round of Marvel Barside Buzz has some Thunderbolts, Midnight Sons , Avengers 5 and Secret Wars rumors to mull over.

There’s a rumor that Marvel Boss Kevin Feige wants Avengers: Secret Wars to go bigger than Endgame. Specifically what I mean by that, is the amount of characters showing up for the final showdown. As with all rumors, take all this with a healthy helping of sodium for now though. The information comes from YouTube channel Heavy Spoilers who does have a decent hit rate with Marvel leaks.

The source says Feige wants to outdo the portals scene in Avengers: Endgame, specifically by bringing in a whole host of Multiversal character’s for the final showdown against…. Kang? Here are some of the characters and names claimed that Marvel wants to use.

“Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, several X-Men cast members, Fantastic Four ones, and so on and so forth. Kang will have ravaged multiple dimensions at this point, and there will be a final stand against him.”

Perhaps the only surprise to me is that the villain would be Kang. I honestly thought The Kang Dynasty would be the final end of Kang and that Doctor Doom would be the lead antagonist of Secret Wars. So that means either Kang was assumed and not told by the source, I’m wrong and Kang and not Doom will be the main villain still, or finally perhaps these are actually details from The Kang Dyanasty? Since I assume the source wasn’t that vague the most likely option seems number 1 or 2. Either Kang was assumed or I’m completely wrong and Kang is the main villain of Secret Wars. Take your pick, or choose not to trust the information at all. As with all rumors all I can give you is whether someone has a good it rate? Heavy Spoilers does!

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Plus, this does sound like the kind of thing Kevin Feige would dream up pre-script and then dial back depending on what he could pull off. Feige has already managed to get Garfield, Maguire and Jackman back. Therefore, surely some of the Fantastic Four actors would be less of a climb? I could totally see Evans returning as Johnny Storm for example. Evans I think would find that hilarious and not in any way a lessening of his exit as Cap. I guess we will find out in time?

What do you think rumor that Marvel Boss Kevin Feige wants Avengers: Secret Wars to go bigger than Endgame in that final showdown? As always, leave any thoughts you have below.

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