– by Seth McDonald

When returning to the Justice League sets for reshoots, Henry Cavill was sporting a mustache for another film he was working on, Mission Impossible 6. The timing of the reshoots forced Cavill to move between the projects, and the mustache had to be digitally removed in post production. In speaking with Empire Magazine, Cavill’s Justice League co-star, Ben Affleck, gave his candid thoughts on Superman’s facial hair:

“It was a full-on porn star moustache. He looked like a porn star from the ’70s, just with a better body. It’s a different twist on Superman.” 

Love or hate it, CGI was put to some pretty good use here. We just can’t have a Superman flying around with a sweet ‘stache, the aerodynamic adjustments alone would prove too burdensome. DC has enough troubles without portraying Superman as an adult film star. Justice League is just over a month and a half away, and DC hopes to build off of the success of Wonder Woman. We have seen DC make several adjustments to the film including Cyborg’s tone and bringing in Joss Whedon to take over for Zack Snyder.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

Which would you prefer, mustachioed or non-mustachioed Superman? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Empire (via ComicBookMovie)