– by Joseph Jammer Medina

What’s in a post-credits scene? Sometimes a lot, and sometimes very little, depending on what kind of post-credits scene we’re talking about. Some can be fun little gags, some more plot-intense in nature, and some are pretty much ripped out of an upcoming film (for examples of that, see the post-credits scenes of Ant-Man and Doctor Strange).

The most recent “plot-centric” post-credits scene came from Black Panther. For the first time since Captain America: Civil War, we see The Winter Soldier emerge from a tent in a Wakandan village. What’s more is that the kids were calling him White Wolf, another moniker in the Marvel Universe. It wasn’t long. Maybe a minute or so, but actor Sebastian Stan recently revealed at Wizard World Portland that there was a whole lot more originally shot.

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“There was something really actually funny about that scene. It’s definitely better the way it is now, I think. But that scene was at least eight more minutes long than what we saw. And it was like a more inquisitive Bucky. He was kind of really going, ‘Why do they call it these?’ And [Shuri] was telling him a little about it, and they kind of walk in a direction, and then he walked over and started hanging out with elders and playing with the kids, but you don’t see that.”

All right then…how could they have possibly spent nine minutes on that scene? Perhaps they were right to cut it down, but it makes me wonder if it was initially intended to be a post-credit scene. Were they just shooting a ton of stuff so they can pick from a wide array of content, or did it used to be a part of a bigger story? The world may never know!

What did you think of that post-credits scene, and do you think eight more minutes of content would have added much? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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