Brandon Sanderson Explains His Planned Final Cosmere Timeline

Brandon Sanderson is kind of a juggernaut beast of a writer. Not only does he tend to release two books a year, but the books he puts out are of substantial size. What’s more is that a large chunk of his novels make up what is called the Cosmere. It is an ambitious universe of novels that are only connected by the smallest of threads. By and large, they take place on different planets and in different ages, but it’s always great to hear from the man himself just how it’ll all shake out.

During a recent signing for his upcoming Kickstarter, Brandon Sanderson was asked about the whole timeline of the Cosmere. Just how did these books connect? As Sanderson tends to do, he didn’t just answer the question, but dove deeper into his overall plans for the Cosmere before he dies. 

“The last chronological book of the Cosmere Sequence is the final Mistborn book,” Sanderson said. “So the way that the structure works right now [is]: Elantris, Mistborn Era One, Stormlight Archive first five, Mistborn Era Two [and Three], Elantris 2 and 3, Stormlight Archive 6-10, then the final Mistborn Era.

“Era four of Mistborn will be the last chronologically,” Sanderson continued. “We will have the flashbacks to Dragonsteel after Stormlight 10 but before Era four of Mistborn. If I manage to get that all done before I die, then there’s a decent change I will write other Cosmere books…probably during this timeframe. Unconnected or only tangentially related. But I do intend that to be the final book of the Cosmere sequence and I have no plans for anything chronologically after that.

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Some fans may notice that some projects were left out. Namely, the fan-favorite standalone Warbreaker.

Warbreaker is a side project. I do count Warbreaker,” Sanderson clarified. “There will be a sequel to Warbreaker. But Warbreaker, Emperor’s Soul, Silence Divine, the unnamed Threnody novel…these are not what I consider the core essential Cosmere books that I need to write. I need to do Dragonsteel, Mistborn, Elantris, and Stormlight. And that’s your core sequence of stories.”

So, Sanderson has an overall plan. But if he manages to do all of that before he dies, he has more stories in mind. Call them stretch goals, if you will. Needless to say, Sanderson has an ambitious mind. But given how fast he tends to write, this is something that I see as a real possibility. Were it any other author, I wouldn’t be so confident, but with Sanderson — barring any health issues or untimely passings — it’s a real possibility.

Which of the books in the Cosmere are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Brandon Sanderson

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