Chrissie Fit Talks About The Real Life Love Story Portrayed In ‘All My Life’ [Exclusive Interview]

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This year has been full of emotions is the biggest understatement of the year. With so many negative things happening this is the perfect opportunity to a beautiful love story to lift us all up. This Friday All My Life comes out in theaters for everyone to watch and lift themselves up.  Based on Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter true love story. After Chau is diagnosed with cancer the couple decides to celebrate their love before a heartbreaking ending.

I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Chrissie Fit who stars alongside Jessica Roth (Valley Girl) and Harry Shum Jr (Crazy Rich Asia) in All My Life. You can check out the full interview below.

Nancy Tapia: What a year and you’re part of All My Life, which is a story that’s kind of perfect for this year when it comes to appreciating life itself.

Chrissie Fit: Yeah, what a lesson. I mean, just to value every moment and live in the moment, tell your loved ones that you love them. It’s strange how it’s fitting for the time, and how we have to endure.

Nancy Tapia: For sure. So you played Amanda, which was that fun, determined friend that had to give the push to make a lot of things happen. How much did you enjoy playing that role and making these two fulfill that dream?

Chrissie Fit: Yeah, it was a lot of fun because we were such a great and diverse group of actors and performers, so we got along really well. I think that Amanda is the kind of friend that I want to be or that I try to surround myself with because sometimes you just need that extra push. You need that person to check in on you, to go the extra mile to make sure that you’re okay and that you’re doing well. So I think that she’s a friend that’s there for you in the good times and the bad times. That’s what everybody kind of wants and needs in their life, they need an Amanda.

Nancy Tapia: We know this is based on a true story, of Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter. Had you heard of their story before being a part of the film?

Chrissie Fit: I didn’t really know the story. I read the script and then at the end of it, I saw that it was based on a true story. Which I don’t know how I missed beforehand. But of course, in that moment I went on a deep dive and started looking at all the information I could on social media, online. They had a beautiful wedding video that was up and their GoFundMe page was still up. The one that their friends like Amanda set up for them to have this beautiful wedding. I was just so touched and so emotional about it because this is a couple that I could know in my real life or it could be me. So it felt like a real love story.

Obviously, it’s based on a real couple, but it still felt like a fairy tale kind of love. But it didn’t have to be in a hot air balloon or in the canals in Venice. It was just this beautiful couple that loved each other so much and were there for each other in good times and in bad. I just was so touched by it and had met Jen Carter and she’s lovely. She’s so strong. She’s so brave. So I was really excited to be a part of this very special movie.

All My Life
Merielle Scott as Megan, Jessica Rothe as Jennifer and Chrissie Fit as Amanda

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Nancy Tapia: So you got to meet Jennifer Carter?

Chrissie Fit: Yes. Yeah, we did. She actually came to the set and we met on set. I have a picture with her and with Jessica Rothe who plays her in the movie and does an exceptional job. They make you fall in love with them and break your heart at the same time. They’re so, so talented. But Jen came to set and was just so giving and open. Really just was wonderful, and let us ask her questions and share stories. She’s really, really, really generous with her time and her emotions and with her story. So we were grateful for that, for sure.

Nancy Tapia: Oh, wow! I just got goosebumps about you telling me this. I mean, can you imagine how she must’ve felt knowing that their story was going to be seen onscreen, about her husband.

Chrissie Fit: Yeah. I know. I mean, she came during the wedding scene which-

Nancy Tapia: Wow…!

Chrissie Fit: I know. Which I was like, “Wow, I’m so emotional acting in this.” To kind of see your life be played out again. I don’t even know what that experience could be like. But like I said, she is just the strongest person and I’m very, very lucky that she trusted us kind of to tell her story.

Nancy Tapia: That’s amazing. She’s definitely a strong one.

Chrissie Fit: Yeah.

Nancy Tapia: What was it like to work with closely with Jessica Rothe. What was she like to work with?

Chrissie Fit: She is incredible. I actually worked with her a few years ago on her show for MTV called, Mary + Jane. I think it was one of her first gigs and stuff. I knew right away, I’m like “this girl is so talented and open, natural, grounded. She’s just like a well of emotion” and just to see her in this kind of role was amazing because she had to carry the story throughout, from the beginning to the end. And really did such a beautiful job in keeping it grounded and very much about the relationship.

I love her as a person. She’s just so sweet and so kind. Always so inclusive. She wants to include everybody and would organize dinners together while we were filming, and would plan outings. We would go to jazz clubs on Frenchman Street because we filmed in New Orleans. So she’s just such a team player. There’s a thing in this industry or whatever, if the first person on the bill, on the call sheet, if they have a good personality and they’re nice, the rest of the shoot is going to be great.

And she just set the bar. She set it from the beginning, that this was going to be just fun. I mean, it’s a heavy movie, so we needed to have fun whenever we weren’t in the middle of these emotional scenes and she took the reins on that. So did, Harry (Harry Shum Jr). Harry is just a love bug. We’ve had so many deep conversations too. I can be silly with him and dance in the middle of a restaurant, but then also have these really deep conversations about the state of the world, and he’s awesome. Him and his wife, I love them so much, and their baby.

Nancy Tapia: Which scene would you say was the most fun? There was a lovely holiday scene.

Chrissie Fit: Oh, the Thanksgiving scene was so fun because we were all together. So imagine this group of very versatile performers. We had Jay Pharoah doing impressions, and Jon Rudnitsky doing like stand up bits. And then Harry danced, and I’m singing, and it was just a fun, fun time. That was a great one. We also did a scene, Nancy, in a go-kart track that kind of got cut out of the movie. There’s just one little moment in a montage where he shows it. But that was so fun because we got to ride in go-karts all day and pretend we were action stars, or at least I did, doing tricks on the go-kart. But that was a fun day to film on set as well.

credit to Ryan West Photo

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Nancy Tapia: To start to wrap it up, is there something else that we’re going to be seeing you in?

Chrissie Fit: Well, I just wrote and directed my first project for the Jed Foundation and PINK, and that just dropped today so that’s exciting!

Nancy Tapia: Congratulations!

Chrissie Fit: Thank you. I mean, I’ve been waiting for so long to direct something and this opportunity presented itself. My friend, Courtney Knowles, brought it to me and I said, “Yeah, I’ve been waiting so long.” Was like, “Just do it!” This is a perfect time, in the middle of the pandemic. But I’m still glad I did it because the message is really great. It’s just about pressing pause during the holidays. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it shows you different mindfulness techniques that will help you get through any stressful situation or if you’re dealing with anxiety. So that was really fun to do. I hope to do more of that. I hope to get behind the camera a little bit more and write and direct some more stuff because I think that’s really fulfilling for me. But of course, still going to be in front of the camera too. You’re not going to get rid of me that easily. But yeah, that’s kind of where I’m hoping to head into 2021.

Nancy Tapia: So where can this be watched, you said it dropped today?

Chrissie Fit: Yeah. Well, they’re on PINK’s YouTube Channel. There are four mini-episodes that create one big story. A seven-minute story, and you could check them out on my Instagram or on PINK’s Instagram as well. They also have the PINK Nation App, which has a lot of different resources there to press pause, and mental health, and awareness. They’re really doing a lot of stuff to promote that and to kind of help us out during these crazy times, especially in the holidays. A little bit of help can go a long way.

Nancy Tapia: It’s perfect timing. Definitely.

Chrissie Fit: They’re cute and funny. Hopefully, they’re entertaining as well.

Nancy Tapia: Well, thank you so much for your time. People are going to love watching All My Life. Iit’s one of those stories that, yes, we already know the ending, however, it is entertaining. It’s funny. It’s a reminder to appreciate life regardless what situation we’re in.

Chrissie Fit: Yeah, and shows you to savor every moment and how strong love is. It overcomes a lot of things and it helps you through a lot of things too. So thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the movie. I appreciate you saying those nice things.

Nancy Tapia: I did, thank you. Although,  I did cry haha

Chrissie Fit: Oh, yeah, haha…I cried watching the trailer and I’m in the movie. So I feel you girl, haha

Nancy Tapia: Well, thank you so much, again. Happy holidays and lots of luck for 2021!

Chrissie Fit: Thank you, Take care.

All My Life is in theater tomorrow, December 4th


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