– by Seth McDonald


While I am as torn about Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Kylo Ren is about the Lightside and the Darkside, one thing I know I enjoyed were the porgs. The adorable little island inhabitants were a nice addition to the film.

They weren’t overbearing and were used properly in my opinion. Star Wars: The Last Jedi sound designer Ren Klyce recently spoke with D23 (via CinemaBlend) and discussed the process of giving the porgs a voice:

“At Skywalker Sound there’s a chicken coop with these little chickens, and Coya Elliott, our first assistant, went down and recorded those chickens. And then we took that sound and slowed it down and stretched it out and found little chirps. We found this man who releases doves at weddings, and we asked him to come down so we could record them…So we have a little snippet of that [turkey call], a little bit of chicken, a little dove, and cut it all together.”

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While the use of different bird sounds is not surprising, I still find it interesting. I always enjoy little tidbits of trivia such as this and I am fascinated by the cinematic production process and the way sounds and other aspects of a film are created. Tasks such as the creating the porg sounds is something I would love to do for a living.

What did you think of the porgs? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: CinemaBlend