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Is Falcon And The Winter Soldier Being Changed For Being Too Close To Reality? | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Captain America 4 villain and Sharon Carter rumor

Is Falcon and The Winter Soldier being changed? We know there is around 2-4 weeks of filming left to complete on Falcon and The Winter Soldier, depending on who you ask. But now there is a rumor swirling that changes are being made to the plot as well. These changes are supposedly because Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s plot would be a little too on the nose for the real world situation right now.

Scooper Charles Murphy posted a rather cryptic social media post yesterday in regards to Falcon and The Winter Soldier. You can check it out below before I explain what the situation is here.

There therefore seems to be some information that F&TWS was going to deal with some sort of virus outbreak. That’s information we had not heard about, but based on the comments on this post it appears this is what Murphy has heard. We also know that this show will deal with a government looking to side-line Sam Wilson for blonde haired and blue eyed John Walker. If we add these details together we have a show that deals with anti-racism during a viral outbreak. Murphy is saying it would feel like something The Simpsons show famously predicts, especially if it hit in August as planned.

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Is Falcon and The Winter Soldier being changed

Is there time to change the plot of Falcon and The Winter Soldier enough to avoid this comparison with reality? In a word, yes. If rewrites were needed, this could have been completed within lockdown. We already know the show has weeks of filming left, perhaps it’s not that hard to make some subtle changes at this point. Personally, I hope the plot line hitting the cutting room flow is the virus, not the racial issues. I absolutely want to see Sam deal with racism at his adoption of the Captain America mantle. That’s where the drama is, with hopefully Sam winning the day and becoming Captain America by the end. A Captain America that stands for all the same things as Steve did, but also able to be a symbol for minorities.

However, there’s how an adult show like Watchmen dealt with racism, and there is the PG-13 way. I.e. Falcon and The Winter Soldier is not going to go too deeply into these issues, because racism in general is rarely a PG-13 subject. Black Panther proved however, that Marvel Studios can tackle issues like racism without going over that PG-13 barrier. I guess I’m saying I don’t want Disney or Marvel to get cold feet on the racism issues. However, I understand why a viral outbreak might be a little too much right now. Though, I guess the virus problem will go away eventually, I don’t see the same for racism.

This is all just rumor for now. Murphy has a strong hit rate for scoops, but that doesn’t make it a fact. We want to know what you think of this? Is Falcon and The Winter Soldier being changed for being too similar to current events? Let us know what you think in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Charles Murphy (via Twitter)

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