– by Seth McDonald

FXX has released some new promotional art for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The show’s thirteenth season will premiere on September 5 of this year. The new poster (which you can see below) shows four members of the gang, Charlie, Mac, Frank, and Dee running away from what appears to be Dennis. Fans are still not sure how much involvement Glenn Howerton’s character is going to have in the upcoming season, as at the end of Season 12 he learned he was a father.

Even thought the maniac on the porch is wearing a mask, it looks like Dennis to me.

A teaser for the upcoming season was also released.

Anyone who knows Dennis Reynolds wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was a sociopathic killer. He got really into his character of a serial killer painter in the episode where everyone thought Mac was a killer. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this side of Dennis was hinted at the same way Mac’s sexuality was, but he has shown some Buffalo Bill-like tendencies.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air since 2005, and is one of the longest running shows ever.

The best description of the show I’ve heard is “It’s like Seinfeld…on crack.”

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