Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Blu-Ray Review: Silent Bob Doesn’t Speak?

Like many Kevin Smith fans, I stumbled onto his work when I was first getting into film. Not only did I like his movies, but unlike a lot of other filmmakers out there, his DVDs were jampacked with handcrafted special features. From full documentaries to hour-long Q&As, and of course, commentaries, we were never wanting for content on his releases. 

I’ll admit, I’ve fallen off the Kevin Smith train when it comes to Blu-ray and DVD releases, so I was looking forward to being treated for a whole bevy full of extras to indulge in. While the haul here isn’t terrible, it’s not exactly what I’ve come to expect from Smith.

There’s an hourlong featurette that’s basically a series of interviews of Smith and the cast. It’s a lot of content, for sure, but at the end of the day, it’s devoid of anything of real interest and is a lot of people just praising one another. While I wouldn’t accuse anyone of being disingenuous, featurettes that involve talent just praise each other inherently interest me less as a viewer.

And then there’s about a thirty-minute featurette that features Smith and Jason Mewes interviewing those involved with the film. From Rosario Dawson to stand-ins, there is no person too small. And Smith goes beyond just Jay and Silent Bob Reboot for his questions, occasionally digging into whole careers, Fatman Beyond style. 

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There are also a couple of blooper reels. One focuses on standard bloopers for around nine minutes and another focuses on all the times they had to stop takes to fix their hair.

That…pretty much rounds out the special features. Sure, it’s about an hour and a half of content, but it’s not exactly amazing content. Most disappointing is that we’re robbed of an audio commentary, which is always a highlight for me and Smith’s films. Given that Smith is touring the country with the movie, perhaps he wanted to save some of the stories for the roadshow proper. Either way, it’s a tad disappointing.

Of course, one big plus of owning the Blu-ray is that you’ll actually get to see the movie. This thing didn’t see a standard wide release and unless you live near a major city, this may be the only way you get to see it. So, is it worth shelling out the $20 to $30 for?

If you’re a Smith fan, I’d say yes. While I wouldn’t call Jay and Silent Bob Reboot great, it’s a lot of light fun in the same way Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was. It’s goofy, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and it’s crass. Yes, many of the jokes feel like the jokes a middle-aged dad would make, and yes, Smith’s storytelling is about as subtle as a jackhammer, but that doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun.

The weirdest comparison I have is that it feels like a Disney Channel original movie…but with more swearing. It has a beating emotional center, it’s cheesy, it beats you over the head with its themes, but if you just remove that cynical edge you’ve likely honed over decades of life, you may find yourself enjoying it. Hell, you may even find yourself tearing up at a moment or two.

Smith may not have mastered the art of putting in callbacks that are actually earned, but if you’re a fan of his, chances are, you already know that and are already in the right mindset to enjoy.

If nothing else, it’s several steps above Yoga Hosers.

Normal Human Person Grade: C-

Kevin Smith Fan Grade: B

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is available on Blu-ray and Digital now!

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