PG: Psycho Gorman Trailer Shows Little Girl’s Control Over Alien Intending To Destroy the Universe

[caption id="attachment_173926" align="alignnone" width="8533"] PG Psycho Gorman[/caption] The fate of the universe lies with a little girl. In PG: Psycho Gorman, the fun sci-fi film takes back to the late 1980s film with creature practical

House of the Dragon Adds Three New Cast Members

HBO's House of the Dragon has added Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, and Emma D’Arcy to the cast of the Game of Thrones spinoff series. Smith, is of course widely known for playing Doctor Who. In

Pennyworth Stars Ben Aldridge And Emma Paetz On Playing Batman’s Future Parents [Exclusive Interview]

Epix's Pennyworth Interview with Emma Paetz and Ben Aldridge There are three characters in comic book history that I always feel for the most. Spider-Man's Uncle Ben and DC's Martha and Thomas Wayne. The obvious

NFC Discusses the Moral Relativism of ‘The Believer’ In This Mandalorian Podcast Recap

This week's episode of The Mandalorian is a thoughtful look at the moral relativism and consequences of war. This is a thoughtful look at how power structures can fail, and the chaos that war leaves

Hayden Christensen’s Return To Star Wars Is Official

The House of Mouse dropped some major announcements a few days ago at the Disney Investor Day 2020. Among them was confirmation that was Hayden Christensen will return as Darth Vader in the Obi-Wan Kenobi

Celebrate Deadpool Entering His Dirty Thirties With Variant Covers!

Guess who is entering their dirty thirties? None other than the Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. In February of 1991, the character came to life in New Mutants #98 by Rob Liefeld

Jon Hamm Hopes He Has The Ball Bearings To Play Fletch [Exclusive Interview]

The man who changes his identity more than his underwear hopes to return in 2021 with Confess Fletch!   Earlier this year I wrote an article about the 1985 Chevy Chase comedy smash Fletch getting a reboot

Jack Bannon Talks About Alfred’s Psyche In Season Two Of Pennyworth [Exclusive Interview]

This weekend is the release of the second season of EPIX's original series, Pennyworth. In case you haven't seen it, the series follows the life of Alfred Pennyworth. Played by Jack Bannon before he was

Skylan Brooks Talks About His Role In Archenemy [Exclusive Interview]

The superhero genre for the most part really sticks to similar storylines where the good guys prevail in the end. Over and over we have seen that movie with similar (sometimes the same) characters. This