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We should’ve seen this coming, folks. And yet we did nothing.

Of course the womanizing French skunk known as Pepé Le Pew would be high on Warner Bros. priority list to turn into a feature-length animated film. Though while it would’ve been easy to throw this bad boy straight down the toilet, the studio actually invested in some great talent by hiring Max Landis to adapt the character, as revealed by a tweet from the outspoken screenwriter.

While a funny character growing up, Pepé Le Pew is definitely one that normally wouldn’t fly in today’s modern society, as the character is in constant pursuit of love, and he never takes “no” for answer. In a YouTube video, Landis reassured audiences he wouldn’t necessarily go down that road for his interpretation of the character.

“It’s a very controversial character if you ever seen the old cartoons, but I came up wiht a story to kind of redeem. And so, to stop the controversy before it starts, if you think I’m gonna write some sort of cartoon version of IRREVERSIBLE, you’re out of your G****mn mind (laughs)!

Should the movie ever come out, its’ a lot closer to AMÉLIE or THE FRENCH CONNECTION. It’s a real movie. It’s a story I care about.”

While I’m by no means thrilled by the prospect of a feature-length animated Pepé LePew film, WB could have chosen much worse writer than Landis. Love or hate his personality — or even his films — there is no denying the man is a talent with a lot of passion. Given the right story, there’s definitely a lot of potential, and if you check out the video above where Landis talks about writing it, you can tell he cares greatly about it, calling it the “most fun [he’s had’ writing a script in ages.”

“You can be aggressively romantic without being a creep. But it’s a thin line. And this movie is about learning that thin line…in a PG way. Back off, Pepé. Or at least think before you speak.”

In addition to all this, Landis also confirmed Penelope the cat to be a main character, and that it would be in the vein of a “romantic french new wave 60s heist movie.”

What do you think? Is this enough for you to buy a Pepé Le Pew flick? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Max Landis