Morbius Set Image Hints At Spider-Man Multiverse?

When the first Morbius trailer hit, we saw one image of a Spider-Man wanted poster. More importantly the film features Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, but is he the MCU version of Adrian Toomes? The suit Spider-Man was wearing in the poster resembled most, the suit from the Sam Raimi trilogy. Now, a new image from the movie gives more hints at Spider-Man. However, if anything, it hints toward the Sam Raimi trilogy specifically, again. Check it out.

So where is Spider-Man? Has he gone missing in this universe? That’s not necessarily the big clue to focus on, though. It’s worth noting the logo for The Daily Bugle matches the version used in the Sam Raimi movies, not what we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Is it possible that Morbius is actually set in the OG Spider-Man universe, separate from the current MCU version of Spidey? Could this be a way for Sony to tie in with the MCU, but have the freedom to go their own way?

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Perhaps in this universe Spider-Man (maybe even the Toby Maguire version) has gone missing. Perhaps Sony’s plan is to fill that loss with another Spidey? With all the Multiverse stuff in the MCU, it is certainly possible that Sony has plans for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to step through the Multiverse and take Toby Maguire’s place. Whether that is the case or not, is certainly open to debate.

It is also definitely possible that seeing Morbius will not answer these questions for the audience. A few signs and hints will certainly add to the speculation, but I don’t expect Morbius to be all about Spider-Man or even feature him as a character in any way. Instead, I’ll guess this movie is designed with enough hints to get us speculating about just what Sony really does have planned for Spider-Man’s introduction to what we are currently calling the VenomVerse.

We still have at least one more solo Spider-Man movie to come in the MCU starring Holland, a sequel to Far From Home. We also have at least one more team-up movie for Spider-Man in the MCU to come. What we do not know is when or where, or who this team-up movie will be with. Will this be an Avengers 5, or simply Spidey appearing in an ensemble film more akin to Civil War, where the character made his MCU debut?

Rumors lately have said that Spidey could appear in the Fantastic Four movie. That would certainly count as an ensemble piece. Though, is having Spider-Man in Fantastic Four a good idea? It could be if Marvel is aware that they have to write Spider-Man out after this point, because he then goes back to Sony.

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If I wanted to make a clean break from the VenomVerse, as I am sure Marvel Studios will want eventually, then writing a story where Spider-Man heads to another universe makes perfect sense. It both explains Parker’s absence from the MCU, and shows us where we will see him appear next. We could see a situation where the Fantastic Four come in from another version of Earth. Maybe they decide to stay, or are unable to return? Whatever the cause of this, could also be the reason that Parker gets trapped in the Sam Raimi version of the movie universes. Or perhaps a third separate universe again?

My one plot hole in all this would be that Venom doesn’t exactly fit with the Symbiote origin from Spider-Man 3. However, Sony could be playing with multiple universes here themselves. Venom and Morbius may not currently exist in the same universe which we have all assumed. This would all admittedly be a great segway and a great launchpad for Sony’s own cinematic universe. But, it is merely speculation based on a few recent rumors and the strange hints we are getting from the Morbius images.

Where we go from here speculation wise, is a choice I leave to you. What do you think of this latest Morbius image? What in the hell is going on with Spider-Man in Sony’s movies? Below, comments, leave them, if you can.

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SOURCE: Morbius Updates (via Twitter)

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