– by David Kozlowski

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One draws heavily upon 80s nostalgia, so it’s fitting that its movie poster should evoke legendary 80s artist Drew Struzan.

Struzan’s posters were a fixture in Hollywood films of the 80s — particularly those of Lucas and Spielberg — including Back to the Future, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark (among dozens and dozens of other movies). Every poster he created was a hand-crafted masterpiece of illustration.

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Unfortunately, as Hollywood learned to lean on Photoshop in recent decades, the call for Struzan’s craftsmanship faded. His poster art still turns up occasionally in new films, like Harry Potter, Thor, Hellboy, and Rogue One. Each time a new Struzan poster appears it’s an event… this is not one of those times, but it’s close!

Spielberg’s Ready Player One just got the official poster treatment, and it feels like a long-lost friend coming home. The poster was created by Paul Shipper, who created the iconic Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster seen everywhere last year, according to Collider. Where that poster was warm and earthy (lots of reds and yellows), this new poster is decidedly much cooler remote (it feels Matrix-y, although there’s far more blue than green in it).

It’s a nice, solid piece of artwork that contains more than a dozen characters from inside and outside of The Oasis — Ready Player One‘s fictional online game universe. It’s busy and bright, but does a good job of selling the movie’s energetic atmosphere (although, the characters all look a bit down). I can’t say that the poster sways me, either for or against this film, but I definitely got that 80s Struzan feeling that they were going for.

Does this new poster convince you to see Ready Player One? Let us know in the comments down below!

Ready Player One hits theaters on March 29, 2018.

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SOURCE: Collider

  • Victor Roa

    that has to be the worst poster of all time….. Everything is too damned small, like he’s got his fist up but there’s 2 faces kind off the way from it, and there’s a small drone, you can read the bigfoot logo, and Iron Giant isn’t 80 it’s a failed marketing of WB to kill off their entire animation department. Apparently there’s an army so it’s not a fence in there?….. a lot of squinting is needed. Oh wait there’s a logo in here
    As a design standpoint, it’s a series of bubbles all over the place making garbage, to be smart what they should have done is basically keep the idea “this is the real world and this is the game world,” while using the back to future design, and then keep the first off, there’s a face in the top? why?

    • Weresmurf

      Can you explain the triangles a little? Genuinely curious, and always appreciate learning something, I’ve seen it online before and never understood wtf it means personally.

  • Behemothrex

    I was very excited about this movie until I saw the trailer and the other promotional materials. It appears they are ignoring most of the really geeky obscure references that the author makes in the book and going for the most banal popular pop culture ones from the 80’s that have been driven into the dirt these last few years.

    This is going to end up just being a montage of “member” moments and the plot is going to be secondary.

    And that guys no Struzan just look at the faces of some of the characters…laughable.

  • Hoboden

    Don’t want to be that guy, but I’m 99.9 percent sure that Struzan did nothing for Rogue One (did a preview poster for Force Awakens that was given out at either Celebration or D23). Also, 98.9 percent sure he didn’t touch Thor, either.

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